Saturday, January 8, 2011

1/7/11 31 Day Challenge- Day 7- Featured Artist- Rach0113

Hello Everyone!

Today is day 7 of my 31 day challenge Featured Artist Series. I am happy to introduce you to Rach0113 today.

Rachael is a super talented mixed media artist. Her art takes many many forms. From Tags, to painting, stamping, claywork, and assemblage art. There is really nothing she will not try. And amazing she is.

I am not sure how I found Rachael on Youtube, but once I started watching her videos, I could not stop. Each one regardless of the medium she was using, I found facinating. Sometimes she showed product hauls of things she purchased, and that led me to try out new products, such as Rub N Buff and Fantasy film. She has an amazing sense of color, and design, and a style all her own. I have learned a tremendous amount by watching her videos.

So, Rachael, this is my Thank you to you for all that you have shared, and taught me. Your art gave me courage to try new styles and techniques, store things properly, find out about new companies, and really stretch my creativity. I cannot thank you enough!

Here is a link to Rachael's YouTube site:

and here is the video I created talking about her inspiration to me:

Be sure to subscribe to her channel. Be prepared to stay awhile and watch her videos, they are addictive.

Thanks again Rachael! You Rock!


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