Friday, February 8, 2013

Featured Artists in February... Day 3

Hello Friends! Well I am on day 6 of this horrible flu. I still am feeling pretty poorly, but there are so many great people to tribute, I wanted to get back to it!

 Todays Featured Artist is.... Anne! xannero1 !!! Many of us, have marveled at Anne's creations on her blog and You Tube channel. She is extremely talented, and has a steam punk influenced style, which she loves, but her designs are so incredible, they have to be seen to be believed. Most recently she did a storage cabinet, out of chipboard and Tim Holtz goodness....

 Amazing! You can find Anna: Blog: You Tube:

 Here is the video where I read Anna's questionnaire:

 Thank you for reading and watching!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We interrupt this series for the flu....

Hi Everyone!

 Sorry to inform you that I have taken ill with the flu....again.

 This round seems to be really bad, I have not made it out of bed since Sunday afternoon at 4pm. I managed to go to work on Monday , and made it until about 12:30PM. Came home had a nap until my doctor's appointment at 3:30pm, where I received a Z-pack of antibiotics, and some cough medicine, that really makes me sleep.

 I have been in bed, since 5pm on Monday. I hope to be up and about by Thursday, but you never know how these things will sort out. I have no voice, and really feel as though a truck has run me over, backed up and hit me again.

 I so enjoy this series, but it does take some prep, and I am in no shape to record videos.

 I will see you all later in the week, God willing.

Be well my friends.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Featured Artists in February... Day 2

Hey there Everyone!

 Hope you enjoyed Day 1, I really liked sharing Felicia's great spirit and talent.

 So, to keep it interesting, Some of my Artist's that I feature will be the old tribute style, as in they do not even know.

I would like to tell you about a gal I found on YouTube under the Channel......MySister'sScrapper...Her name is Ginger.
 I found myself glued to her most recent video how to series, for the Vertical Paper Bag mini album. I made one from start to finish tonight, and I was really impressed that she took the time to make 6 video's all of about 15 plus minutes long.

She is a very patient and excellent teacher, so if you are interested in Mini albums with lots of interaction, check out her channel! Ginger is also a designer for Cardz TV with Mary, and makes some great cards. I love her clean style and how she incorporates a lot of elements, such as die cuts and stamps and fancy backgrounds.

 Ginger's blog says she has been scrapbooking for a long time and enjoys making pages of her grandchildren. Her latest obsession is her mini books, and I have to agree, they sure are fun.

 You can find Ginger: You Tube: MySistersScrapper
 I find her creations to be really great! Please be sure to check her out!
 Here is a video of the mini album I made using Ginger's video series:

See you tomorrow!



Featured Artists in February... Day 1

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Featured Artist Series in February! I hope this video series will introduce you to many new artists, styles, and provide inspiration to pursue your art. Everyone selected has their own wonderful talent in a variety of mediums, from scrapbooking, stamping and paper arts, to art journalers, fine artists, recyclers, you name it and we will explore it. This year, I submitted a nine question survey to all of the artists. Here I will include their answers, and links to their work, as well as the video I made in tribute to them. So let's get started, as I am already a day behind!

 Day 1......Felicia Smith aka Mouse Potato Designs......
 Contact Details:
 YouTube: MyMousePotatoDesigns

  1.How did you get started crafting? I started crafting in 1998 when I learned about paper piecing. Was looking to make some extra income and at the time selling paper pieced items were selling really well on ebay. So I gave it a whirl and became instantly addicted with paper.

 2. What inspires you? Paper inspires me. It never stops amazing me what we can do with a piece of paper. Fold it, cut it, glue it, color it. You name it you can do it with paper. Beautiful things. Beautiful patterns. Beautiful colors. Some paper is just made for using. Some paper is just made to pet and stare at and enjoy. A single piece of paper can simply make a person smile when delivered in a paper envelope. You can store years of memories thanks to paper and have them to enjoy and view. Its really just amazing stuff. So paper inspires me. OK along with youtube, ustream, pintrest and the list goes on lol

 3. What are you hoping to learn more about as your art develops? The was a tough one. I don't really know. I like to tinker. Dabble in this. Poke at that. Its just fun to watch time go by and see what the new "to try" thing is out there. So I don't know what exactly I hope to learn but I sure do hope to keep on learning.  

4. Please name the top 5 tools/products you cannot live without:Only 5! *gasp* ok lets see.. My computer. Nothing happens with out my computer. Its where my inspiration is found, my artsy friends are found, my supplies are found, my ideas are kept, its probably my main crafting tool as all my creative ideas start there.
 My second must have project is Kraft Card Stock. It is the basis of 99% of all I do. Remember when it used to be white cardstock! LOL But no I have it in bulk. I use it for everything. Cards, books, art. Everything.
 Quilling Needle. I use this for EVERYTHING. You can move things around with it. Poke holes with it. Get the glossy accents flowing with it. Just couldn't be with out it.
 A clear .25 kids ruler from Walmart. I have TONS of different rulers. Some very expensive but my little kids cheapie one is the one I reach to for every single project.
 Martha Stewart Score Board. No fold shall cross my desk with out it. I use it for scoring, measuring just lots of stuff.
 My Cutterpillar paper trimmer. I have gotten to the point I cant trim paper with out the led light bar now so I have to count it lol But a paper trimmer of any kind really. I cant cut a straight line to save my soul so a paper trimmer is a must.
 Scrappy Tape. LOVE THIS TAPE! I do love my ATG gun to but have to say if I could only pick one I would go with scrappy tape. versatile. STICKY. Just plain works.
 OK that was hard and that was 6 but the computer probably doesn't technically count! LOLOL
 5. What are your goals for your art? Is it sad to say I don't really have any in stone goals? Crafting is just my fun. It gives me a place to relax and enjoy. Its my hobby. It gives me a reason to shop, collect, share and enjoy pretty things. Kind of just happy with that. Sorry not so exciting there lol  
6. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your art/craft? oh my goodness so many. Art: Rachel for sure. Everything she does makes me want to try it. I have spent more money trying to do the things she does lol shes a terrible enabler. I just like her style and if I could ever "art" I would want to art like that. Cards: Darlene DeVries , Kristina Werner and Vicky Papaioannou. I love simple and clean cards so they would be my favorite. Scrapbooking/Album Making: Kathy Orta of course she rocks! but if I could "scrap just like her" I would have to say Manou at her style is amazing. So clean and I love her color combos.
 7. What has been your most recent craft obsession? EVERYTHING! Ok probably not the answer you were looking for. Journaling our life. Think Project Life with out all the cool products lol. Its been a lot of fun just using up all my bits and pieces, PRINTING the photos. Getting them on to a page with a bit of info about what was happening that day. SO much I think we get caught up in all the "how it should be done's" that we for get WHY we are doing it in the first place. Memories! Kindnesses and friendships. So my latest thing has just be journaling about life as its happening.
8. What is one thing that most people don't know about you? That I used to do a lot of web designing and pixel art. I spent years as a pixel artist and did quite well back in the day when it was "the thing". Used to HTML before HTML was cool lol. OH and I showed Quarter Horses professionally for years and years. Even went to college for Equine Studies and Automotive Tech. Yup I can train your horse AND fix your car! =0)
 9. Anything you would like others to know? Wow I don't know. Not really I guess. Stats: Happily married, homeschooling mom of 1 boy lol OO the excitement! Life is ever changing. We never know whats coming so send a thank you today, a smile tomorrow and always keep a howdee doo in your pocket for that just in case time when someone you walk by is frowning. In other words LOL nah that's about it. OH my favorite color is browns and neutrals? Will that work? HAHAHA

 I hope you can see how wonderful Felicia is, truly a joyful person, and very encouraging and uplifting. Here is the video where I read her questionnaire answers, and show the little something I made for her.

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!