Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Jules (jannaviles)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 27 of my Featured Artist 31 day challenge! Today's featured artist is...Jules(jannaviles).

I have been a long time follower of Jules over on YouTube. I found her a while back, and was just really touched by the content of her creations. Her heart really shows through on her creations. She has fantastic ideas, and is so giving to the art community. Such was the case when she organized a card drive for Claudia66, after the tragic sudden loss of her husband. Jules had the idea, get cards sent in for a drive, package them up and sell them out of her store. All proceeds went to Ms. Claudia. Paying kindness forward personified. I loved it, and I made cards and sent them in.

Jules channel is filled with everything from haul videos to her new to scrapbooking technique tutorials, to her creations. She also has a small store called The Jule Box on her blog, where she offers tons of die-cuts, laces, trims and kits. In every video her heart shines through, really wanting to grow the art community, and share her love of paper arts.

You can find Jules:


I truly encourage you to go and check her out. She is such a warm soul, who is very creative, and loves to share.

So today, I wanted to make something different, and my stick pin supply was running low, so I though Jules would like some.

Here is a video of what I created for Jules:

Thank you so much Jules!



  1. Dear Laurel,
    Your month of beautiful and amazing Pay if Forward has introduced me to so many wonderful artists and creative women-I just want to express my joy filled gratitude for all of this, and wonderful You!
    Ive almost got your surprise pkg finished
    With much gratitude * Love
    MB aka Creative BZ

  2. Love all the pins!! So pretty! =0)