Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/2/11- 31 Day Challenge-Featured Artist- Scrappinology

Hey Ya'll, It's Me....

Does that give you a hint at who my featured artist of the day is?.....Scrappinology...Gina O!

I have been a follower of Gina's on YouTube for a little while. She is such a happy person who shares her creations, and her shopping tips , and she has an infectious laugh and wonderful spirit.

Gina made an incredible Halloween mini in 2010, that so inspired me. I made an attempt, but I still have to finish it for next year. Here is a video of the mini Gina made:

Gina is a very creative scrapbooker, who shops wisely, and gives great tips for making all kinds of things, from mini albums, to 3-d objects, you name it. She also has a great community ning site, where everyone is so friendly, and shares their art. I encourage you to become a member. There is something for everyone, and just like Gina, the community is so welcoming, and so creative.

Gina can be found on YouTube: Scrappinology is her user name.

Also Gina let it slip in a recent video how she loves Valentines Day, so the items I am RAKing to her speak to that holiday, and also will support he "Stampitis", which I also suffer from.

Thank you Gina for your warm spirit, your generosity, and creativity! Check her out!


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