Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year and a New Challenge....

Hi Everyone!

Hope your holidays were great! We had a very nice and quiet Christmas with family.

I have been doing my live shows every Sunday at 4pm, and hanging around the art community on Youtube. I heard about a challenge for January that really peaked my interest and thought it would help me.

Marion Smith, the wonderful designer for Prima, and many others, threw down a challenge for January. To try something new everyday and record a YouTube video about your progress. Well, my mind started reeling. I thought for a while about what I would like to improve, and a few things came to mind.

I want to update this blog more often, and I want to record more videos in 2011. I also want to continue in my art. So I thought about what do I love most about my art? No matter how I thought about it, the answer always came back the same, I love making things for other people, and surprising them with a little love in the mail. So, my challenge this January, is to Pay it forward. I am going to select one person a day from my magic address book, make something for them, a card, a tag, or something I think they will like, throw in some things from my stash, and send it off to them.
Just my way of showing my appreciation for all of the artists I have met. It will also help me get through all of this stash, and get it to the folks who can use it. I will record a video about what I am sending or have created, and I will write a blog post about the person. So I will fulfill all my needs. Write more blog posts, record more videos, create for others, and reduce my stash!

So, if you get an e-mail from me, requesting your mailing address, please send it!

So, I am off to create my calendar, of artsy inspiring folks, and get ready to Pay it forward....

I think I am going to run into a little postage cost... so if you like this idea, and would like to help me pay for postage, I have posted a paypal link in the side bar. I would appreciate any donation, and I promise, it will go only for postage costs.

Thanks Marion, for making me think! And Thanks everyone for your support!
I hope you will check back and read about all my Youtube friends, and those I have met on Ustream.

Happy New Year!