Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 Day Challenge Day 31 Featured Artist Marion(APieceofCraft)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 31 of my Pay it Forward Featured Artist Series. Todays featured Artist is.... Marion (APieceofCraft).

Well bloggers, I cannot believe it has been 31 days of videos and blog posts. I have enjoyed the process so very much.

I would be remiss if I did not feature Marion Smith. She has inspired me for a very long time, and the 31 days, 31 goals, 31 videos challenge was her creation. I started watching Marion's video's a long time ago. I do not believe sh had any of her children yet, but perhaps one. She and her husband were creating fabulous kits and selling them from her blog, long before I had any idea what a blog really was. I loved her style of design, and still do. I watched her develop as an artist and grow as a scrapbooker. She was always very encouraging, a great teacher, and just plain fun.

Then came Ustream, and Marion was the very first Ustream show I ever watched. I loved seeing what she would come up with. Now a designer for Prima, and launching her own product line, I can't help but feel so proud of her. I was there from the beginning!

You can find Marion here:
Than you so very much Marion for challenging me, inspiring me and helping me grow in my art. I am very, very grateful.

Below is a little video of something I made for Marion:

Big Hugs,

1/30/11 31 Day Challenge Day 30 Featured Artist Carlene(PinkScrapper99)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 30 of my 31 day challenge Pay it forward featured Artist Series. Today's featured artist is ...Carlene (PinkScrapper99).

I first was introduced to Carlene via YouTube, a while back. It is hard for me to remember from where, but I think it may have been Gina Scrappinology on You Tube.
I started watching her videos, and I loved how she re-purposed items to turn them into wonderful and useful works of art. I have seen her alter everything from a pringles can to a mailbox.

She is a very creative lady, a wonderful spirit, and extremely sharing. She has a great store where she offers all of the best name products, at affordable prices, and she takes Customer Service very seriously.

You can find Carlene here:

So be sure to check her out. She is just a great gal! Below is a video of my creation for Carlene:

Have fun at CHA! Hug Tim Holtz for me!


31 Day Challenge Day 29 Featured Artist Dale(CreativelyChloe)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 29 of my Pay it forward Featured Artist Series. Today's featured artist is...Dale (CreativelyChloe).

I first met and started following Dale about three months ago. I was referred to her via Bona, and a card drive Dale was putting together, that really touched my heart. Since my 31 day challenge is all about Paying it Forward, I had to tell you about Dale, and her selfless, caring wonderful spirit. To learn more about the card drive, please refer to my blog post : I heart Bebe Card Drive and reflections, from October 2010.

Since first meeting Dale, and sharing our sorrow over our furry loved ones, I have come to love to watch her videos on everything from cards, to hauls, to mini books. She is a wonderful creative spirit, and I encourage you to check her out, and participate in her card drive, which is still going on. Be sure to consult her blog for the card specifications, as they are special.

Dale is a very talented artist. Yesterday I was attending a local crop to benefit a nursery school in my area, and they gave us a card contest. As I was there, and visiting with old friends, making new ones, and thinking about people and things, I got to thinking about how time flies. I created the card in the video with this sentiment in mind, and it occurred to me, that it had been 2 1/2 years since I let Scotia go. That led me to thinking about Dale. I hope you are well my friend. I hope you enjoy the card I created using my favorite paper from 2010 G45 Steampunk Debutante.

I think it is important to recognize and remember how fleeting time is, and hold those that touch your heart close to you. No matter if they are furry or not....

You can find Dale here:
You Tube:

Thank you Dale for all you share with all of us. You are a true inspiration to me.


1/28/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist ...Jo (Paperdrama)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to day 28 of my Pay it Forward, 31 day Featured artist challenge. Today's featured artist is....Jo(Paperdrama).

I was referred to Jo's Youtube channel via Arlene and Bona, a while ago. I am very glad to have found her channel, and get to see what she creates. Jo has a very playful aesthetic. She loves the bling, and is a very creative scrapper. I have seen her make mini albums, embellishments, altered items of all kinds, and share her organizational tips for scrap supplies. She is super talented, and her creations show a certain patience, that I aspire to achieve.

Jo is a great friend to all, and shares her talents so freely. I really love her spirit,as she is genuinely kind. It shows in her artwork.

You can find Jo here:



Jo is a member of Lindy's Stamp Gang Design Team, and has formerly served on design teams for Cookbookin',The Cutting Cafe and Scrapping Lounge. She is a wonderfully creative gal. You should check her out!

I recently watched a video where Jo shared some of her favorite thins, and owls were among them. So, here is a little something I created for Jo:

Thank you so much Jo for everything you share!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Jules (jannaviles)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 27 of my Featured Artist 31 day challenge! Today's featured artist is...Jules(jannaviles).

I have been a long time follower of Jules over on YouTube. I found her a while back, and was just really touched by the content of her creations. Her heart really shows through on her creations. She has fantastic ideas, and is so giving to the art community. Such was the case when she organized a card drive for Claudia66, after the tragic sudden loss of her husband. Jules had the idea, get cards sent in for a drive, package them up and sell them out of her store. All proceeds went to Ms. Claudia. Paying kindness forward personified. I loved it, and I made cards and sent them in.

Jules channel is filled with everything from haul videos to her new to scrapbooking technique tutorials, to her creations. She also has a small store called The Jule Box on her blog, where she offers tons of die-cuts, laces, trims and kits. In every video her heart shines through, really wanting to grow the art community, and share her love of paper arts.

You can find Jules:


I truly encourage you to go and check her out. She is such a warm soul, who is very creative, and loves to share.

So today, I wanted to make something different, and my stick pin supply was running low, so I though Jules would like some.

Here is a video of what I created for Jules:

Thank you so much Jules!


1/26/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Series Beatriz (Iralamija)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 26 of my featured artist series. Today's featured artist is... Beatriz (Iralamija)

This challenge to pay it forward to others has been really good for me. It has stretched me to think of who has inspired my art and taught me a lot. With so many different styles, and my tastes changing and developing over the years, it has also reintroduced me to a lot of special, talented artists.

One such artist is Beatriz Jennings, known to most of you as iralamija. I have been a follower of her blog for several years. I have watched as Bety launched her etsy store, became published in several publications, and as her shabby chic style has influenced and inspired many.

Bety is extremely talented. She takes vintage images, and transforms them into beautiful cards. She has a very vintage shabby chic aesthetic, and has in my mind become the master card maker of this style.

Her blog posts show how creative she is, but also how warm and caring she is. She shares with her followers her creations so readily, and has been inspiring me for several years.

I do not see that Bety has a YouTube channel, but you can find her on her blog and etsy shop using the links below:


Be sure to check her out.
In this video I am showing some cards that I made following Bety's inspiration:

Thank you Bety for all your inspiration! I love your work, as you can see I made the cards in the video in April of 2009.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/11 31 Day Challenge Day 25 Featured Artist Natasha(Enastasia)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 25 of my Pay it Forward, Featured Artist Challenge. Todays featured artist is....Natasha (Enastasia).

So, I am a member of I had signed up for a swap, to create a tinnie, an altered altoid tin. It was my very first time doing one, and I had not even checked who my partner was. Well, My partner was Natasha, someone I have followed for a long time over on her blog. Once I learned who it was, I quickly subscribed to her on YouTube. She makes beautiful things, and like me is a Tim Holtz fan. She makes great projects, mini books and all sorts of things. She also does some great comparison videos over on her channel. The sort of thing comparing glues, etc.

She is so very nice, and as it turns out I knew her! So below is a video showing my tinnie, and also a tag I created for her.

Thank you Natasha for all you create and share. I am so glad I found you again.

You can find Natasha here:


She is also on Facebook.


100th video upload to YouTube


I cannot believe I have uploaded 100 videos to YouTube!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, and support!

To celebrate, I am doing a little giveaway....

Leave a comment on the video over at YouTube to be entered for a chance to win the French Market Tim Holtz Stamp Set. Yu must also be a subscriber to my YouTube channel which is...Scotia9338.

Thanks for watching everyone.


1/24/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Nancy(GoinCriCrazy)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 24 of my Pay it Forward, Featured Artist Series. Today's Artist is...Nancy (GoinCriCrazy).

I truly believe in Paying it Forward. It is not just an adage to me. I believe if you do good things and put out kindness into the world, it comes back to you.
Nancy reinforced my beliefs with a kindness she did for me, and I just cannot thank her enough!

So enough about me! Nancy is a wonderful person and artist I recently started following over on YouTube. Once I did, I quickly learned that we are very similar. We both adore Tim Holtz, we both are members of Your Paper Pantry, we both follow similar people, and we seem to like similar things. Nancy is a very talented lady who I recently saw do a series of videos on using the Melting Pot, and casting molds and such. She was a thrifty shopper, and found a more affordable product to use in place of the mold n pour product to create molds. The Amazing Putty. Good Show Nancy! One of the reasons I do not cast as often is the expense of the other stuff. She also has done videos about mini books, and her other creations. She is a participant in the 31 day challenge as well.
You can find Nancy here:


The name of Nancy's blog is actually For the Love of Tim, so I thought I would make her a little Thank you valentine tag:

Thanks for all you share Nancy! Keep on creating!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

1/23/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Rita(Rita HutchesonCobbs)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 23 of my 31 day Featured Artist Challenge. I sure am having fun paying it forward. Today's artist is...Rita (RitaHutchesonCobbs).

Rita is just a wonderful person. She is so warm and welcoming, and one of the very first people I met on Ustream. She has an infectious hearty laugh, and she is multi talented. Rita works in paper, paint, fibers, recycled materials, and makeup. She also is a stamper, which as you know is very Close to My Heart...ahem.

She has a wonderful creative spirit, and shares readily. You have to go and check her out. She can be found:



Here is a video of a little box and mini I created for Rita:

Love you and your work Rita! Keep on creating! Can't wait to see what you do next.


Off on a tangent....

So today I am feeling a little blue, and I felt the need to address a situation that has been occurring for a long time. As many of you know, I moderate a few shows over on Ustream. Well, there has been a group of people attempting to ruin the community over there. Are they overtly attempting to ruin it? No. But they are. The behavior of a few is making a whole lot of people very uncomfortable. Yesterday, I unfortunately had to take a stand in an effort to protect the peaceful sharing community.

I for one, hate drama. I do not say a lot publicly, and I try to be fair and give folks generally enough rope to hang themselves. But when slander on other social networking sites of individuals who are caring, is the forum that is chosen for these cyber bullies to mount a defense, well that just gives me the red ass.

I appreciate that there are people in the world, whose entire life and friendships take place on the internet. I also appreciate, that people are entitled to their opinions, and many have lives that are not happy, affected by illness, or depression, and generally poor social skills. I can choose not to be around them, or help where I can. In a community such as Ustream, these options are limited, as it is a public forum, where a mere sign up is all it takes for people to interact. Generally it is a good thing. But there are a few, trying to take the spotlight 100% of the time and using abuse of the rules of the broadcasters, as a means to their end.
It is not cool. Even if I consider all I have stated previously, you need to be respectful. You need to honor the requests of the broadcaster in their show and behave. Good fun is always welcome. A good joke makes us all laugh. But to shamelessly promote a business, not endorsed by the broadcaster, or to consistently use foul language, talk politics or political opinion, air discriminatory views, direct message others in a bullying fashion, threaten in any way, or make others feel ostracized , should not happen.

And it will not happen on my watch. If I am your moderator, I am protecting your show and your integrity. I have no tolerance for people who try and make a public showing all about them. Get your own show for that, and say whatever you want. I do not have to be there.

I am new to the Social Networking world of Twitter, and do not profess to know much about it. From what I have seen, some people use it for bad not good. To publicly deface someone, for your bad behavior, again is not cool. If you are a friend of mine, I can only take so much. I am going to stand up for my friends, when I feel it is justified.

So my friends, if you saw me involved in an exchange on Twitter, that did not sound like me, please know, I had enough. Believe me, my fuse is very long, and it had burned to it's end. I do feel badly for these individuals, and I wish them no harm. I simply want them to leave me and my friends and our community on Ustream, alone.

The ganging up, piling on, whining, crying and general sophomoric behavior will not be tolerated in my show or my friends shows. If you cannot play nice, do not come to these shows at all, because you will be banned upon arrival. I have been patient, explained until I am blue in the face, and truly very sad that it turned out this way. But you did it to yourself.

I am sure everyone knows who I am addressing, so I will not name names. I will not stoop to the public defacing level that they have. I have one thing to say, GROW UP! and PLAY NICE!.

So thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope it answers any questions you have about recent events. Also, if see some crap about me on any of these sites, think twice before you believe it. I have a good reputation as a supporter of the art community, as do those I associate with. Don't let a few people who took it too far, change your opinion about the group. If you have concerns or questions, feel free to contact me. I welcome your comments.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/22/11 Featured Artist... Less(ComfortableShoesStudio)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 22 of my Pay it Forward Featured Artist Series. Today's featured artist is...Less Herger (ComfortableShoesStud).

Leslie is someone who not only inspires me, but gives me confidence to try new mediums, and learn new things. She is an amazingly talented, encouraging and supportive teacher. You really should check out her work on YouTube, Her website and her ning site. She shares so very much, and is really all about growing the art community.

I have been fortunate to see Leslie on Ustream, and read the E-Zine, and participate in her Ning site. I love her videos on YouTube, because there is always a cool technique or something explained. I have begun to learn about paints from Leslie, and she really makes it easy to understand.
You can find Leslie:

So, Less this little tag is a tribute to you coupled with a big Thank you for all you have taught me.

Thanks for all you share!


1/21/11 Featured Artist Day 21 -Jonathan (TheArtisticBiker)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 21 of my 31 day challenge. Today's featured artist is Jonathan (TheArtisticBiker).

I fist met Jonathan via my good friend Paula(Journal Artista). Jonathan is an extremely talented art journaler primarily, although he works in many mediums. He amazes me with his ability to just draw and paint so easily. Something that I aspire to do.

Jonathan and his wife are in the process of opening an Art Studio in his town, where people from the community can come and take lessons, enjoy a gallery and be creative. They have named it Oasis Studios. Jonathan also writes for the Art Journaling E-zine, and is a regular in the community, as well as was a teacher in 21 Secrets online art journaling course. Best of all, he hosts a Ustream Show on Thursday nights from his studios that encourages everyone to create in their art journal and he is a fantastic teacher. One of his favorite mediums to use is Spray paint.

Jonathan can be found everywhere online. Here are some links:


Jonathan, I just wanted to say Than you for all that you share and how you tirelessly promote the Ustream Art Community. Here is a little something I made for you to hang in your studio window...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/11 Featured Artist Series Darlene(Artedar)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 19 of my Featured Artisit series! Today's featured artist is...Darlene (Artedar).

Dar is a magical artist. She makes things that I can only imagine! And she makes it look effortless. All the while encouraging you to try it too! I first met Darlene on Ustream, via my good friend Paula's show. She would come and be so supportive. I later found out we are practically neighbors, as Dar lives 30 minutes south of me.

Recently Dar started making videos, and is just starting on Ustream as well. Through most of her videos, she shows art that she created, or received from swaps she participated in. On a recent Ustream broadcast she showed how to make a purse from a book. just amazing. So you can guess from my description, Dar is a mixed media artist. She loves to alter things, and create art dolls. She has shown so many rich ideas for altering items from bottles, to cd's, to a rolodex, to making a shrine from an altoids tin. I could go on and on.

Dar is vividly creative, in everything she takes on. If you need to jump start your imagination to create a new project, go to Dar's channel. You will see some fabulous things, and probably won't know where to start!

Dar is an excellent teacher as well. I did have to re watch her Ustream to get the purse down, but she is encouraging, and really gives you the confidence to take on new projects. Dar does everything, altered art, drawing, painting, stamping, she probably sews. I know she teaches from time to time at a Michael's store in her area.

You can find Dar on YouTube:
and on Ustream:

So Dar, keep it going! We always want to see you create more! Your art is beautiful, and you share it so openly. I thought since we both have a love of steampunk, I would make you a tag. I hope you display it and enjoy it in your artroom.

I hope to see many more videos from you, and thank you for all of your support of me, and my art. Also, we have to make the shopping happen, neighbor!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/20/11 Featured Artist Series Lilly(MsScrappinGal)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 20 of my Featured Artist, pay it forward challenge.

Today's artist is...Lilly (Msscrappingal).

Here is another AMAZING talent for you at a young age. I first started watching Lilly's videos over on YouTube a few years ago. She was my very first subscriber. The beauty and patience she puts into each of her projects is just amazing. Certainly, something I did not learn until I was at least twice her age.

Lilly makes cards, mini books, beautiful embellishments that she sells on her blog store here:

and Lily is just getting started in Copic coloring, which is sure to be awesome, like everything else she does.

Lily's YouTube channel here:

She is such a truly talented young artist, and shares her joy and works very readily. Check out her blog and store, love the tiny aluminum roses!

Lily, Thank you so much for all you share with all of us. I created a tag for you which you can see in the video below:


1/18/11 Featured Artist Christina (Chris416ward)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 18, of my 31 day pay it forward challenge. I hope you are enjoying these tributes as much as I am! Today's featured artist is...Christina known by Creations with Christina in many circles.

I first found Christina on YouTube a few years back when I was interested in making videos myself. I believe I found her through Robyn My Pink Stamper. I love watching Christina's videos, because I find her to be a lot like me. She likes to shop for a good bargain, and her creations run from cards to 3-D items, to home decor, to mini albums. She seems to like everything, just like I do. She also seems to like a lot of the same products that I do as well. She serves on a few design teams for companies like Lindy's Stamp Gang, and the Cutting Cafe. Christina also posted a few videos regarding events she attended in the somewhat local to me area, so I was thrilled to learn that she lives in Pennsylvania, and that I might be able to use some of her shopping tips.

One of the first things I saw Christina do was her Cricut cartridge series. She takes you through each icon, and such of a cricut cartridge to help you see what the cartridge can do, and also to help you learn your Cricut machine. She did a very helpful series on the Gypsy, which I was eager to see following the receipt of mine as a Christmas gift this year. Her series saved me tons of time and frustration in learning a new tool, and she is such a great teacher. Also, I wanted to mention, a darn lot of time and work goes into a Cricut cartrige series. The carts are jammed packed, and Christina has done four that I know of, possible more. I want to Thank her for her commitment, because the series really helped me.

If you are interested in learning more about your Gypsy, your Cricut, and many other products, I encourage you to visit Christina on YouTube:

Christina also has a very informational blog:

I just think she is awesome! She has helped me figure out the techie side of my tools, and made me want to try new things. I really enjoy all of her projects, as they are always fresh, and creative. She is such a good teacher too.

I heard Christina mention that green was her favorite color, and that she seems to enjoy coloring with copics, so I thought I would make her a tag. I am going to try and use my Cricut for the die -cuts, via my Gypsy, just to see how much I have learned.

Thank you Christina for making my crafting more enjoyable via your awesome tutorials. I can't thank you enough for all that you share. You inspired me to start making videos, and now I am conducting classes on Ustream! You should check it out!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/17/11 Featured Artist .... Laura( Followthe PaperTrail)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 17 of my Featured Artist, Pay it forward series. Today's featured artist is...Laura (FollowthePaperTrail).

I first found Laura on YouTube through an AMAZING halloween mini she designed. Since that time, I never miss a video. Yesterday I mentioned the term "paper engineer". That is Laura to a tee. She thinks inside and outside the box. She thinks all around the box. Her mind just amazes me. You have heard that scrapbookers look at things a little differently? Well, no one looks at things the way Laura does. ( I mean that in the most positve sense). She can take a simple envelope, and have you transforming it into a book, in an hour.

If you are searching for mini ideas, Laura is the gal to see. If you need a nifty seasonal Home Decor item, see Laura. I could go on and on and on.

Since I first started watchig her on YouTube, Laura has progressed ten fold to classes and kits, Ustream shows, fantastic directions for sale, and designing for Tim Holtz's CHA booth.( My dream job...)

She is a very positive person, easy with a laugh, a great teacher, and her stuff is really fantastic. I strongly encourage you to check her out.

You can find Laura on YouTube Here:
On Ustream Here:
On her Blog here:
On Etsy here:

Laura also has a Ning site:
It is intimidating to try and figure out something to make for her. She is one of the masters! So I went with one of my favorites, a tag.

Laura, Thank you for all you share and create, and that you share it with all of us. I cannot Thank you enough for everything you have taught me.


1/16/11- 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist...Kathy (kathyorta)

Hi Party People!

Welcome to day 16 of my featured artist series, pay it forward challenge. Today's featured artist is...Kathy Orta, also known in many circles as Paper Phenomenon.

What a perfect name, because wow! she really is! I first started following a few years back when I began in the blogging and video world. I was having problems with an upgrade to insert videos into my blog posts, and reached out to Kathy, and she helped me out. I gravitated toward Kathy at that time for several reasons. 1)She lives in an area of Florida where I used to live, so I was familiar with her stomping ground, and amazed at the kits she put together. 2.) The woman is a paper engineer! She can create a mini from scratch at the drop of a hat. Shapes too, it is really a joy to watch. 3.) How can you not love someone who is exuberant, fun and calls you a PITA Babe?

I have watched as she has created shaped mini's, three dimensional objects, such as a clock, a dresser, I think even a valentine's day heart shaped candy box! There is nothing, literally nothing, she can't figure out how to make out of paper. And she shares it so openly in a fun environment.

So I was a bit stumped as to what to make for her. I thought to keep it simple, and use her favorite paper collection from 2010, the Mariposa line. I created a mini album, that is a Laura Dennison design,(another gal with mad skills), using this paper. I hope Kathy likes it!

You can find Kathy on YouTube:
On Ustream:
On Her Blog:

I can't thank Kathy enough for all that she has brought to the crafting community. Her passion, and vivacious personality, and her skills. I thank her for all she shares, and has taught me. Be sure to check her out! She is so Fun!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15/11 31 Day Challenge.. Featured Artist...Paula (JournalArtista)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 15 of my 31 day Pay it forward challenge. Today's featured artist is...Paula Phillips (JournalArtista)

Wow, where do I begin? I owe a lot of Thanks and gratitude to Paula,as through her I have met many people and things. She showed me a new style of art, and all of the wonderful people in the art community, over on Ustream, and Youtube. I am very proud to call her my good friend.

And Mad Skills? Paula has them in droves! Have you seen the Winter edition of Art Journaling magazine? Well, Paula is a featured artist in the winter 2011 edition, and wrote a great article to go along with her 8 page spread of her journal pages.

Are you on the If not you should be. Paula has tons of content over there, including the cover of the art journaling zine, put out by a select group of artist's from the ning.

Did you join 21 secrets? 21 Secrets was a web based class presenting 21 different artists, going over 21 different styles, techniques and classes. Paula did a segment on windows and doors.

Have you checked out Ustream yet? Paula gives you a great excuse to. Every Wednesday at Saturday nights at 9:00pm EST, you will find Paula sharing from her art desk her latest pages.

Tonight is a special night. Paula is having a party of sorts as she is in her art room for the first time, and also will be giving away a fabulous book.

Are you on YouTube? Paula is, and here she is sharing instructional videos, organizational videos and a lot of fun.
Paula is celebrating her 100th video upload today. You will find lots of content for many mediums here.

Do you follow blogs? You should follow Paula's to see what she will do next!

So, Paula is everywhere, including Twitter and Facebook, as JournalArtista.

She has made me appreciate so many forms of art, and people. She started out as a scrapbooker, stamper and has now unified the scrapbooking community with Art Journaling. Now every scrapper wants their own set of Golden acrylic paints and a journal to call their own. She gave us all confidence to try the new, and to grow our community. She is a wonderful, funny loving spirit, and my very good friend. I am too grateful for words. Big Hugs Paula.

Below is a video of a little something I created for Paula to use in her new art space.

Be sure to check Paula out everywhere! She is super talented, and I love her bunches!


Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist...Sharon(NJGardengirl1961)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 14 of my pay it forward 31 day challenge. Today's featured artist is...Sharon (NJGardengirl1961).

SO you ever meet someone and just click? Either online or in person? Well that certainly describes Sharon and me. Sharon and I met on YouTube and through a common friend Paula (JournalArtista). Having the Garden State in common opened the door. Jersey people are like that, and I am so glad.

Sharon does not show much of her art. She is a member over at, and I know she makes some amazing mini books. She has done tutorials on making her "baked tags" awesome, and also organizing her craft space. I have had the pleasure of her company on the famed Buffalo trip, and she is incredibly funny, down to earth, and a true friend. She is also very talented, and shy about it. She has the "Mad" skills she described me as having. Sometimes folks are perfectionists, and shy to show thier stuff. I am hoping with this public nudge, Sharon will post some videos of her art.

Sharon has fantastic taste. Believe me I have shopped with her. I know her future plans include kit sales on her blog or etsy, and guys they are sure to be fabulous!

I have sent Sharon tags and such in the past, and I had a little package going out to her, so I thought I would make a little something she can take apart and use if she wants. Below is the video of a little gift I made for Sharon.

So keep watching her, she is a wonderful, talented, great soul, who just keeps on giving, and I am happy to call her my friend.

Link to Sharon's YouTube:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/21/11 Featured Artist Day 13- Kerri (ikerrilove)

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments here and over at YouTube. I love getting your feedback.

Today's featured artist is my good friend....Kerri.

I just adore Kerri. She is relatively new to the art world again, she will tell you. I don't see it. She loves learning new things and is so fearless in her art. She is very meticulous as well. She was one of the famed "Buffalo" girls on our October trip, and she can Copic color really well.

So she claims to be a newbie, and if she is , she has me fooled. Her pages in her art journal are beautiful. What I like about her most is she is fearless. She will try anything in her journal. She is learning all about cards, and we have cropped a bit together on skype, she catches on quick!
Kerri really likes ATC's and postcards, so I made a few( my first time) with her help live on my Ustream show a few weeks ago. I thought she might like to have them. Since I was learning, and she claims to be the newbie..well it just fit.

You can find Kerri on Ustream at 8PM EST Fridays:

Over on YouTube:

or on her blog:

She is such a warm caring soul. and I am so happy to call her my friend.

Check her out!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist...Angie Kennedy Juda (ChicnScratch)

Welcome to Day 12 of my 31 day pay it forward's featured artist is...Angie Kennedy Juda.

I love all kinds of art. From stamping projects, to sewn items, from steampunk to sweet. There is room in my studio for many kinds of art. Today I would like to tell you about Angie Kennedy Juda, and how she inspired me.

Angie is a very successful Stampin Up! demonstrator. I found her as one of the very first people I ever subscribed to on YouTube. Her YouTube name is.. Chicnscratch. At the time I was toying with becoming a demo myself, but work commitments prohibited me at the time. I later did sign up, and I am still a "hobby" demo today. When I first started watching Angie, she simplified things for me. She showed me wonderful stamps and techniques, and boxes...Angie is all about the boxes. She showed me that with a little ingenuity, I too could create some of the sweet projects she shows.

One of the first videos I keyed in on, was "How to use a Fiskers Trimmer". It sounds awful, but I had trouble reading a ruler down to 16th's for a long time. Angie went over the small measurements on the trimmer, and assured me I was doing it properly. In later years I learned I was not the only one who had this problem when I started doing classes myself.

She showed me so many easy ways to prepare for a class, teach a project, and use my supplies. Her influence and videos really moved me forward in stamping. Whenever I need a little box, or vintagey cute card, I look up Angie's blog.

Angie has also developed herself. Now a demonstrator in high status for Nine! she teaches classes on Ustream, and still continues to share her projects via YouTube. She is an excellent teacher, and I am really grateful to her for all she has put out into the world.

You can find Angie on youTube here:

and on her blog here:

If you are interested in purchasing Stampin Up! product, you may do so through my online store:

Here is the Fisker's trimmer video from Angie:

Angie has also jumped into quilting using her big shot to cut fabric. So be sure to check out those videos as well.

I have been trying to come up with something that Angie would like. Being such a senior demo, makes it hard for me to come up with a project. I do have some of the current Love Letters DSP that I think she likes a lot...hmmmm.

I will insert a video of what I come up with later.

Go check her out, she is a wonderful, gracious, sharing and talented lady.

Thanks you so much Angie! You gave me the confidence to become a Stampin Up! demo, and I have loved the last three years so much.


1/11/11 31 Day Challenge...Featured Artist... Tim Holtz

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 11 of my featured artist series. Today's artist holds a special place in my heart, as he introduced me to so much. Today's featured artist is the incomparable...Tim Holtz.

So I am sure, if you are part of the YouTube community, or a part of the art community at large, you know who Tim Holtz is. This series would not be complete if I did not take a moment to tell you how Tim has enriched my artistic life.

Where to begin? I first heard of Tim Holtz through a book I saw in a stamp store called Distressables. I thought the book was very inspiring,and it made me see how I could take found objects, and stamps and turn it into another form of art I had never considered. I did not buy the book that day, as I loaded up on inks, archival, and alcohol, and stamps. I ran home to try out this new form of collage-or mixed media. and as they say, the rest is history.

A few years later, I saw Tim on video on YouTube, taken from CHA, and talking about his products with a company from my home state of NJ, Ranger Industries. Could it be that the ins I loved so much came from this company? and they have an annual warehouse sale? It was kismet. I started attending the sale, and have for several years, and each time I went, I was hearing about new Tim product partnerships.

So let me bring you into today. I have long been a fan of everyone of Tim's product lines, from dies, to inks, to embellishments to papers. Yes, I have a book or two and a few drawers lined with his goodies, and more stamps than I can count. I would have a shrine to him, if my husband wouldn't look at me sideways. Today I was lucky enough to have saved my pennies, and I purchased Tim's endorsed Vagabond machine, that die cuts like butter, and cuts everything imaginable. It was an added bonus that the machine looks like a suitcase, and I am in the hotel business. It was made for me.
That is the way I feel about everything he puts his name on, or designs. It was made for me. Tim helped me find my style of art, with a lot of his influence through videos, and blog posts and of course books. He made me into an artist, through rubber stamps, and ink, and gave me the courage to think I could do it too. Guess what he was right. I can create art pieces that I love, everytime I listen to my inner Tim muse.

So, Tim, this is my great big THANK YOU, hug, and " i am not worthy"" bow down to you, all wrapped up into one.

You can find Tim on You Tube:

and on his blog:

and at a local craft retailer near you. If you come to NJ, just look for me, I am always in the stamp aisle checking out his latest and greatest.

Below is a video of a tag I created using a lot of Tim's products and my favorite sentiment from his stamps.


Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10/11 31 Day Challenge- Featured Artist...Jennifer McGuire(jennifermcguireink)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Day 10,(Wow! already!), of My Pay it Forward 31 Day Featured Artist Series. Today's featured Artist is ....Jennifer McGuire.

Wow! Where do I begin in telling you all about Jennifer. I have watched her for many years. She is a designer for Hero Arts, a former Garden Girl over at, a very gifted, thoughtful and creative artist.

Jennifer taught me so many things. All about Distress inks for one. How to use them in different ways, how to make great background effects with simple supplies. OH! and all about organization! You have to check out her Stamp room....oh my is fabulous! Jennifer is the first to admit, this is her job, but the room is organized so well, and she gave me so many ideas for my own little studio.

Whenever I would see Jennifer use a stamp or a product or ink color, I had to have it. She is such an enabler. My husband wants to talk to you too Jennifer! But truly, I gained so much creativity with so many things in my stamping, all because of her. Some of Jennifer's favorite things are, liquid pearls as paint, as embellishment, you name it. That is definately a video to or two to check out.

Jennifer also hosts card drives for sick children, and sends the cards to the families and the kids. Sharing a little love and hope, so awesome.

She is a true artist, from scrapbooking layouts that will make you envious, to very cheerful cards with easy techniques, to all the enabling, she is someone to check out. She was so gracious a few years ago, when I hosted a crop to support a Susan G Komen walk a thon team, she sent prizes and communicated with me, when a lot of other Rock Stars would'nt. She has a beautiful family, an adorable little boy named Colin, who is sometimes stealing the spotlight of her videos.

Thank you so much Jennifer! You gave me confidence to create in a hobby I truly love , and taught me so much.

You can find Jennifer here on her website:

Here on Two Peas:

and here on YouTube:

Below is a video of me fumbling through my favorite technique that I learned from Jennifer.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/9/11-31 Day Challenge- Featured Artist- Bona (LiveLoveScrap)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 9 of my 31 day challenge, Pay it forward, and my featured artist of the day is...Bona!

As I am thinking about each artist everyday, it is hard for me to remember when I first started following them. I am sure I have been following Bona for quite a while, and she has taught me so many things, that I am so very grateful for.

Bona was the first person to introduce me to Lindy's Stamp Gang products! Their sprays, and mists have become a staple in my craft room ever since. Bona is a member of their design team, and creates a lot of fantastic projects for them, and shows you many ways to use their products, that you might not have thought of.

Bona is also the great die user. She has shown me ways to engineer paper and my dies, so that I get many uses out of them, not just their intended purpose. I love that she thinks outside the box, and I have learned that trait from her. Loved the scalloped envelope mini in the box Bona! I totally scrap-lifted that idea from you.
She also comes up with many creative mini albums in all shapes and sizes. If you need an idea for a mini, Bona's channel is one to check out!

Bona really likes the shabby chic aesthetic, and for my RAK to her I created two tags on my Ustream show today just for her. A little birdie told me of your love of birdcages, as well, so there is a little added something for you. I show what I created in the video below.

You can find Bona on YouTube:

and on her blog: (Love your background! Great minds think alike!)

Bona, Thank you so much for everything you create and share with all of us! I truly enjoy your videos, and cannot thank you enough.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

1/8/11 - Featured Artist- Arlene- Mybutterflykisses12

Hi Everyone!

Today is day 8 of my 31 day challenge, and today's Featured Artist is....Arlene My butterflykisses12 on YouTube.

Wow! Where can I start to sing Arlene's praises? She gives so much to the community through her techniques, videos, shopping tips, and spirit, it is hard to know where to start.

Arlene is so super talented. She gives so much joy to the community, and creates amazing works of art, regardless of what she takes on. It could be a simple card, but if it was created by Arlene, it has a special touch. Arlene also is a member of a few design teams, Lindy's Stamp Gang, and My Favorite Things Stamps, and has been featured on many blogs and stores as a guest designer such as, and

Who could forget the fantastic Steampunk Debutante box she created that was featured on G45 Papers? It was awesome! As is everything she makes.

Here are links to Arlene on YT:

and her blog:

You definately want to check her out! She will creating something you have to try or have found a great resource for the product you have to have!

Here is a video I created about what I created to send to Arlene:

Thank you Arlene for all you share, and have taught me! You continue to inspire me with each video.


1/7/11 31 Day Challenge- Day 7- Featured Artist- Rach0113

Hello Everyone!

Today is day 7 of my 31 day challenge Featured Artist Series. I am happy to introduce you to Rach0113 today.

Rachael is a super talented mixed media artist. Her art takes many many forms. From Tags, to painting, stamping, claywork, and assemblage art. There is really nothing she will not try. And amazing she is.

I am not sure how I found Rachael on Youtube, but once I started watching her videos, I could not stop. Each one regardless of the medium she was using, I found facinating. Sometimes she showed product hauls of things she purchased, and that led me to try out new products, such as Rub N Buff and Fantasy film. She has an amazing sense of color, and design, and a style all her own. I have learned a tremendous amount by watching her videos.

So, Rachael, this is my Thank you to you for all that you have shared, and taught me. Your art gave me courage to try new styles and techniques, store things properly, find out about new companies, and really stretch my creativity. I cannot thank you enough!

Here is a link to Rachael's YouTube site:

and here is the video I created talking about her inspiration to me:

Be sure to subscribe to her channel. Be prepared to stay awhile and watch her videos, they are addictive.

Thanks again Rachael! You Rock!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6/11-31 Day Challenge- Featured Artist-Robyn-(Robynstamps)

Hi Everyone!

Today's featured artist is Robyn. Also known to many of you as My Pink Stamper.

I have been watching Robyn for a very long time. Long before her catapult to fame with her product line. I first started watching her, when she first began her videos about using the Cricut. I found her to be very creative, informative, easy to understand, and a lot of fun.

When I began watching her videos, I had just gotten a Baby Bug Cricut, and was pretty confused. She demystified the machine for me, and very soon I was cutting all kinds of images to use in my projects. I would watch her, and heard her mention a company called Stampin Up!. I was intrigued. A company who makes rubber stamps, and paper and inks? Could this be heaven sent? In later years I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator, and I still am. I first heard about the company from Robyn. I was amazed at the projects she created, and how she used the Cricut to make things easier for her. Robyn has a very busy life with four children. I thought, if she could create all of these things with such a busy life, well I had no room to complain, I could do it too. I since have graduated to the Cricut Expression, can't get enough of the cartridges, and have a full fledged stamp addiction. Robyn also evolved, and developed a line of instructional dvd's for Cricut users, her own stamp line, and continues to create daily in her Pink Loft, and soon her Pink Studio.

What I love about Robyn, is through it all, she is the same grounded, cheerful gal who began helping me understand what buttons to push on my Cricut. Although her popularity has risen to millions of hits on her website, she is the same fun girl, who really cares about the artistic community, is a great friend to her bestie Karlee, and really rolls with it all. I am very happy for her success, and wish her every good thing for the future.

You can find Robyn on You Tube here:

and on her website here:

Be sure to check the retailers section of her website to find out where to purchases her products: dvd's stamps and more!

She is a wonderful, and creative lady. I hope you will continue to support her, you definitely will want to follow her on her website, because she is always expanding her creativity and sharing it with everyone!

Thank you Robyn for helping me to understand my Cricut, introducing me to Stampin Up!, and showing your support through your videos. I cannot thank you enough!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/11- 31 Day Challenge- Featured Artist- Kristina Werner ( StarofMay)

Welcome to day four of my featured artists challenge! This sure is fun!

So I get asked a lot, How did you start making cards? or How did you figure out how to make videos on YouTube? Well, I blame all this joy and happiness on Kristina.

A few years back, I traveled for work. I would be away from home and my limited craft supplies for a few weeks at a time. I started watching YouTube videos as a means to keep my sanity, from my hotel room. Mondays were always stressful, so every Monday night, after a long and tiring day, there was this bright spot. It was a series called "Make a Card Monday" or MACM for short to all us die-hards, on Kristina's blog and You Tube channel. I cannot tell you what it meant to me. It always made me smile, and think that I could make things like Kristina did. It brought home a little closer to me while I was on the road too.

I remember when the videos were set to music, and all you could see were Kristina's hands. Well, that gave me courage, because I am a very shy person. The videos looked so professional, and she made cards look so easy to make. It was a few years after, that I got up the courage to make my first video, and upload it to YouTube. Now I am nearing 600 subscribers, which still blows me away, and I am totally hooked on stamps, and paper crafting. So I lovingly blame Kristina, for giving me confidence, creativity, and this crazy addiction to the paper craft world. She was my original inspiration.

Kristina has grown in her followers as well. So much so, she has chosen to keep her address private, which I completely understand. So for today's tribute, I will make a card in Kristina style, and mail it off to another of my You Tube friends in the future.

Kristina has continued her Make a Card Monday series, and has added some more things of interest. There are Finally Friday videos of her creations, a virtual card club for a nominal fee, which she uses the proceeds of to keep her blog, and hosting going. Kristina is also a Garden Girl over at and has done a Holiday Card Series for a few years in a row.
She is a wonderful person, a fantastic teacher, and such an inspiration. And she has an adorable cat named Mannie, who reminds me of my Geddy cat.

You definately need to subscribe to her on You Tube :

Follow her on her blog:

and check out her classes at Two Peas:

You won't want to miss a thing she creates!

Kristina, you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for everything you gave me courage to create, and become. I am forever in your debt. Big Hugs to you!


31 Day Challenge Featured Artist- Day 5--Drew (CardofmyEye)

Welcome to Day 5 of my 31 day Challenge. This is getting fun! Lots to take to the post office on Saturday!

Let me tell you about a very talented young man that I discovered on YouTube a few months back. I have watched a few of his Ustreams, and I never miss a YouTube video. His name is Drew and his YouTube channel is:

Drew is so talented. I always learn a shortcut or a new idea when I watch his videos, or his live shows. He is also helping me learn the Gypsy. What is really amazing is Drew is only 15 years old. He is definitely on track for a very big career in the crafting world if he so chooses. Maybe the next Tim Holtz?

He puts together cards and mini albums in very creative ways, and is an excellent teacher. He also sells kits a lot on his blog, and hosts lots of swaps. He is very giving back to the crafting community. I loved the story of how he got started. Apparently he saw the Cricut Expression work, thought it was cool, and received one shortly there after, and the rest is beautiful, creative history...

Drew gives a lot of tutorials on his You Tube channel, and does Ustream shows on occasion where he creates projects such as his beautiful mini albums. You will want to follow him, on his blog:
because he is sure to come up with another great idea that will help you to make scrapbooking more enjoyable.

Since he makes mini albums look so effortless, I thought he would enjoy a kit I put together for him . I also created a tag for him, using a lot of Tim Holtz products.

Thank you Drew for your inspiration, and your creativity. I really learn something each time I watch a video.


Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/11-31 Day Challenge - Featured Artist- Cynthialoowho

Happy Day three of my Featured Artist Pay it forward challenge!

Thank you for all of the great feedback! I am really enjoying putting together the Artist of the day!

Did you ever watch a YT video, and just know that you would get along so well with the artist? Well that is exactly how I felt when I first saw a YT video by Cynthialoowho. Now Cynthia and I have not met, but I feel as though I know her. She is very warm and caring person, and it shows in her art. I honestly cannot recall what video sparked me to subscribe to her YT channel, but I do remember the video of the tribute mini she made, which I thought was incredible. Not only was it a fantastic idea, but the way she made the pages was interesting to me. Gatefolds, pockets, great pictures, just wonderful! And her kindness was rewarded by none other than Tim Holtz! So fantastic and so deserving!


Cynthia's style is a lot like I wish I could do all the time, steampunk. But that is not all she does...she makes jewelry, and charms, and 3-D objects, and the list goes on and on. It is all creative, and she shares a lot of great tips. I think she is just wonderful, and she continues to share with all of us. Recently she has opened a ning site, where the community shares her vibe, of creativity, and caring. membership is free, and I encourage you to check it out.

Cynthia also has a shop, where she is selling products by such manufacturers as Ranger, Graphic 45, K & Co, Inkadinkadoo, Tim Holtz products ( of course) and many more, at reasonable prices. I bet if you were dying for something that she did'nt have in stock she would try and get it for you, because that is how she rolls.

Access to Cynthia's shop is on the ning site. And if all of that were'nt enough, with all of the giving to the art community that Cynthia does...she currently has a YT giftaway for her YT subscribers for reaching 1000 subbies! It is open until Sunday 1/9/11. So become a subscriber to her channel, and don't miss out on what she does next.

So with all of this to consider, I had a little trouble coming up with something to make for her... but them I stopped worrying, and created the tag in the video below:


Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/2/11- 31 Day Challenge-Featured Artist- Scrappinology

Hey Ya'll, It's Me....

Does that give you a hint at who my featured artist of the day is?.....Scrappinology...Gina O!

I have been a follower of Gina's on YouTube for a little while. She is such a happy person who shares her creations, and her shopping tips , and she has an infectious laugh and wonderful spirit.

Gina made an incredible Halloween mini in 2010, that so inspired me. I made an attempt, but I still have to finish it for next year. Here is a video of the mini Gina made:

Gina is a very creative scrapbooker, who shops wisely, and gives great tips for making all kinds of things, from mini albums, to 3-d objects, you name it. She also has a great community ning site, where everyone is so friendly, and shares their art. I encourage you to become a member. There is something for everyone, and just like Gina, the community is so welcoming, and so creative.

Gina can be found on YouTube: Scrappinology is her user name.

Also Gina let it slip in a recent video how she loves Valentines Day, so the items I am RAKing to her speak to that holiday, and also will support he "Stampitis", which I also suffer from.

Thank you Gina for your warm spirit, your generosity, and creativity! Check her out!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11- 31 day challenge- Inkwell

Welcome to day one of my 31 day challenge! Today's featured artist is ....

Dede Willingham aka Inkwell

Dede is someone I have just met via Ustream, and is definately a huge inspiration, and a Rock Star Artist! She is a very giving soul, and shares her talents via her blogs and Live Ustream shows on Wednesdays and Thursday at 9am EST. I am always bummed out, because I never get to see her live shows, but I do watch the recordings Dede! Not only does Dede have mad drawing and painting skills, she is so wonderfully cheerful and encouraging to other artists of all types. Maybe it is her southern accent, or her wonderful laugh, but believe me, if you have time to watch her shows, don't miss it. She is an inspiration.

And talented beyond measure. Check out her art journal pages on her blog:

and here is her Ustream link for her Art & Coffee shows:

While I was watching her Stream- a- thon on Friday, I overheard her mention that she did not have many stamps. Well I can help with that! Below is the video I made of a video regarding the RAK I sent to DeDe.

I am very glad to have made her aquaintance, and I cannot say Thank you enough for all of the support and encouragement you have given our Art Community! Thanks you so much!