Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30/11 31 Day Challenge Day 30 Featured Artist Carlene(PinkScrapper99)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 30 of my 31 day challenge Pay it forward featured Artist Series. Today's featured artist is ...Carlene (PinkScrapper99).

I first was introduced to Carlene via YouTube, a while back. It is hard for me to remember from where, but I think it may have been Gina Scrappinology on You Tube.
I started watching her videos, and I loved how she re-purposed items to turn them into wonderful and useful works of art. I have seen her alter everything from a pringles can to a mailbox.

She is a very creative lady, a wonderful spirit, and extremely sharing. She has a great store where she offers all of the best name products, at affordable prices, and she takes Customer Service very seriously.

You can find Carlene here:

So be sure to check her out. She is just a great gal! Below is a video of my creation for Carlene:

Have fun at CHA! Hug Tim Holtz for me!


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  1. I so enjoyed watching your show and seeing you make this. Its just beautiful! =0)