Sunday, June 9, 2013

Secret Sister Box Swap... Round 3!!!

Hello! Ok girls and guys, back by popular demand.... the secret sister box swap. I hope you will join in, and have as much fun as we have in past rounds.

 Here is what you make: Create a box or alter a box in a style your partner will like. It can be any size, just remember you have to mail it. We have had boxes as small as a old school Cricut box or as large as a shoebox, it is up to you. You may alter and existing box, or make your own. The box itself should be decorated in a manner pleasing to your partner. You then fill the box with 50% handmade items, and 50 % stash or store bought. If you want to do all handmade, that is fine. You may not do less than 50% handmade.
Your sister does not have you in the swap. This is a pay it forward type deal. You get one person to make things for. I reserve the right to disqualify sign ups for lack of information disclosure, past swap performance, or general bad behavior. I am trying to give as much time as possible to allow for as many who want to join to do so.
 If you would like to join the swap you have until July 4, 2013 to sign up. I will Distribute sisters by July 9, 2013. You then may set about creating your box, or stalking your sister until August 16, 2013. Remember, this is a SECRET swap. Do not tell your person who you have, or exchange sister details, it ruins the surprise. I will have your personal details and so will your assigned sister. This swap is open to international participants. By joining, you agree to mail your created box internationally if your sister is from abroad. Remember Postage is up to you. I require an e-mail telling me when you posted your box to your sister. International mailing times can take a long time, so please plan ahead.

 If you want to participate, here is what you do. Please cut and paste the questionnaire below into an e-mail, and send it to me: Make your e-mail subject line: Secret Sister Swap Round #3 . I will take sign ups until July 4, 2013.
 Happy Swapping!

 Mailing Address:

 Screen Name:
 Social Networking Links:
You Tube:
 Do you have Children? If so How many, and are they boys or girls?

 Please list your design preferences: Style? Paper line? Favorite Designer?

 Current Crafts? What are you making now?
 Dislikes? Please do not include:

 Message for your Secret Sister: