Saturday, December 27, 2008

And the winner is......

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is busy crafting for the New Year. I thought I would let you know the outcome of our name our new friend blog candy.....and it was Keith! I know, I know it's not fair....but I thought I would make it up to everyone who left a comment and send out something to everyone! I have packages going to Candy and Trevi... watch your mailbox soon for a little something from me.

And the winning name is....Geddy. It just seems to fit, and we are making progress with the responding to the correct name.....

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I was spoiled rotten, and blessed with a nifty Flip video camcorder that I was hoping for. I am hoping to create some video tutorials and clubs pertaining to Stampin Up!

It is really easy to use, just need to get all of my ideas in one place....So, leave me a comment on a technique you would like to see a video tutorial on, and I will gather my ideas and create some video tutorials on things you would like to learn. More blog Candy for the selected suggestion......

I ordered my new catalogs today....we will have to hold a new catalog open house in January! Stay tuned for updates.

Also, I have been trying to come up with some class ideas for January and beyond. Please leave suggestions as a comment!

See you all soon!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our new friend!

Hi Everyone! Meet our new furry friend....He finally came out of hiding, and has happily joined us, ahem me in everything I do. We still have'nt settled on a name, but his name from the shelter was Smithers.

He is very loving, follows me everywhere, plays in his water bowl so much we are considering "Puddles" as a name...he is really a wonderful addition to our family.

So far the name list is:








I really can't I thought I would offer up a little blog candy to help us name our little friend. In order to participate, leave a comment by Christmas day, with your suggestion of a name. (He is a boy, so we really don't want anything too girly) I will select a name from the suggestions, and send the winner a Christmas gift bag of products! (It's a Christmas gift, so I'm not saying what!) Also, if you would forward my blog to your friends, I am trying to build a following for the New Year, where I will post tutorial videos, my class calender etc.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Stampin Up! Promotions

Hello everyone!

Since I was out of town last week for work, it seems I have missed informing you of some great things happening with Stampin Up!

The retired list is out! And until December 23, selected stamps are 10% off.

Also Free shipping on orders over $70.

The last day for Christmas orders to assure timely delivery is Tuesday December 16.

To see the retired list be sure to access my Demonstrator website, a link is provided on the left side of my blog.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Candy Cane Fridays!

Happy Holidays!

I have been a little behind in posting lately, but extra busy with work and holidays. I wanted to share a direct link to a wonderful blog that I follow of some creative gals from California. They routinely post videos on youtube and howcast and also have an etsy store for kits and thier handmade items. Each friday from now until Christmas they are posting videos for Christmas crafts. I found a few great ideas here....

Check it out, they are silly and have a lot of fun, but most of all really creative.

I also was passed a link to Ribbon Addicts Sticky Sale...for all your red tape needs, at affordable prices be sure to check it out:

Another fantastically creative gal.

So, I feel like I should catch everyone up on basic life goings on for me. I had a great time hosting my first Open House Stamp Camp on Nov 30th and I am so grateful to everyone who turned out. We made 10 projects! Whew! But now everyone seems ready with Stocking Stuffers, except me! I need to get some creative time. i also put together a schedule for January of my events, and they include a card buffet on January 11, Stamp Club on Jan 20, and Techniques class on Jan 25. Stay tuned for updates.

After the pain of losing our beloved Scotia this October, Keith and I have been looking in the animal shelters for a new friend, and this week we found one that we put the adoption papers on... His name is Smithers, and we are waiting for the okay from the shelter and hopefully he will be ours by Dec 19th. His pic is at the top of this post. Cross your fingers for us, we feel having a new kitty to love will help fill the house back up. I know Scotia is smiling at us for giving another homeless kitty a home. I still miss her so much.
Other than that I am generally behind schedule for the holidays, working very hard long hours lately, and getting ready for a trip this week for work. I am hopeful that after this trip, things work wise might become easier.
I am enjoying being involved with Stampin Up, and all of the great ideas I am getting access to and the gals who I am meeting.
I went to a wonderful dinner tonight with some gals from the SouthSouthJerseySandScrappers yahoo group, for the holidays. If you are on yahoo and local to our area, you should join this group of creative ladies. Lots of great sharing of ideas, and classes offered. These gals have really been great friends, and are so creative!
Not much else to report. I hope your holiday plans are going well, and I hope to see you at a class or event in January.