Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist...Sharon(NJGardengirl1961)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 14 of my pay it forward 31 day challenge. Today's featured artist is...Sharon (NJGardengirl1961).

SO you ever meet someone and just click? Either online or in person? Well that certainly describes Sharon and me. Sharon and I met on YouTube and through a common friend Paula (JournalArtista). Having the Garden State in common opened the door. Jersey people are like that, and I am so glad.

Sharon does not show much of her art. She is a member over at, and I know she makes some amazing mini books. She has done tutorials on making her "baked tags" awesome, and also organizing her craft space. I have had the pleasure of her company on the famed Buffalo trip, and she is incredibly funny, down to earth, and a true friend. She is also very talented, and shy about it. She has the "Mad" skills she described me as having. Sometimes folks are perfectionists, and shy to show thier stuff. I am hoping with this public nudge, Sharon will post some videos of her art.

Sharon has fantastic taste. Believe me I have shopped with her. I know her future plans include kit sales on her blog or etsy, and guys they are sure to be fabulous!

I have sent Sharon tags and such in the past, and I had a little package going out to her, so I thought I would make a little something she can take apart and use if she wants. Below is the video of a little gift I made for Sharon.

So keep watching her, she is a wonderful, talented, great soul, who just keeps on giving, and I am happy to call her my friend.

Link to Sharon's YouTube:


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  1. i love that watering can laurel! the little bit of lace tucked under the bird's nest was such a nice touch.