Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6/11-31 Day Challenge- Featured Artist-Robyn-(Robynstamps)

Hi Everyone!

Today's featured artist is Robyn. Also known to many of you as My Pink Stamper.

I have been watching Robyn for a very long time. Long before her catapult to fame with her product line. I first started watching her, when she first began her videos about using the Cricut. I found her to be very creative, informative, easy to understand, and a lot of fun.

When I began watching her videos, I had just gotten a Baby Bug Cricut, and was pretty confused. She demystified the machine for me, and very soon I was cutting all kinds of images to use in my projects. I would watch her, and heard her mention a company called Stampin Up!. I was intrigued. A company who makes rubber stamps, and paper and inks? Could this be heaven sent? In later years I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator, and I still am. I first heard about the company from Robyn. I was amazed at the projects she created, and how she used the Cricut to make things easier for her. Robyn has a very busy life with four children. I thought, if she could create all of these things with such a busy life, well I had no room to complain, I could do it too. I since have graduated to the Cricut Expression, can't get enough of the cartridges, and have a full fledged stamp addiction. Robyn also evolved, and developed a line of instructional dvd's for Cricut users, her own stamp line, and continues to create daily in her Pink Loft, and soon her Pink Studio.

What I love about Robyn, is through it all, she is the same grounded, cheerful gal who began helping me understand what buttons to push on my Cricut. Although her popularity has risen to millions of hits on her website, she is the same fun girl, who really cares about the artistic community, is a great friend to her bestie Karlee, and really rolls with it all. I am very happy for her success, and wish her every good thing for the future.

You can find Robyn on You Tube here:

and on her website here:

Be sure to check the retailers section of her website to find out where to purchases her products: dvd's stamps and more!

She is a wonderful, and creative lady. I hope you will continue to support her, you definitely will want to follow her on her website, because she is always expanding her creativity and sharing it with everyone!

Thank you Robyn for helping me to understand my Cricut, introducing me to Stampin Up!, and showing your support through your videos. I cannot thank you enough!


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