Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to the world baby girl.....

Hi Bloggers,

So I have been inundated by work as of late, so please pardon the interruption to our Featured artist series. My intention is to complete a full month's worth, but- life intervenes.

So today I have a different feature to talk about. Today my Assistant over at the hotel, his wife delivered a healthy 8 lb, 8 oz 22 inch baby girl! It is their first child, and Mommy and Baby are doing well. No name for the new darling as yet, but they are settling on a few top choices.

Some of you know about my private life, but many of you don't. I do not have children, was never blessed in that way. So the birth of this little girl seems a little closer to home, and I could not be more ecstatic for Tim and his wife.

So welcome to the world little one. I am so happy for your safe arrival, and your parents could not love you more.

Big Hugs,


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Featured Artist Series...Day 12.. Joy Fotojoy

Hi Blogggers!

So I had a few days of rest, and work, and I back to share with you my featured artist for Day 12, and yes we are behind 2 days...yeesh!

Day 12's artist is....... Joy!! Fotojoy to you and me, everywhere.

I met Joy through the Ustream gang last year, and I find her to be truly what her name says, a Joy. She is extremely talented, long been a scrapbooker, painter, art journaler and all around crafter. She is a neighbor to another good friend of mine http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifMitzi, and they have been able to get together quite often when their schedules align, for a little shopping and visiting. Most recently, Joy is participating in DarcyW's postcard challenge, and I really have enjoyed the postcards so far. Just amazing work, and such a cool idea.

Here is everywhere to find Joy:

Blog: http://fotojoys.blogspot.com
Ustream: fotojoys artful delights

I almost got to meet Joy at a gathering last May, and unfortunately could not make it. I truly hope to meet her in person in the future. The Ustream crowd encouraged her to start her own show, and I hope her schedule permits her to do some more shows, because the talent she shares is really spectacular!

Here is a tag I made for Joy:

Thanks for sharing Joy!

Big Hugs!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi Bloggers!

Today I am bringing you Featured Artist for Day 11. The lovely Linda, known to you as LindaLap over on YouTube.
I first discovered Linda via YouTube last year, when she showed a creative way to make a zippered bag out of a piece of 12 x 12 paper. Ingenious, and cute! I contacted Linda to ask if I could share it on my Ustream show, and we have been following each other, ever since.

I really like a lot of the projects Linda makes. She re-purposes thrift store items, makes cards, participates in a lot of challenges, and has a really great way of sharing her creations via YouTube. I love all of her videos. Linda has a really soothing voice. Her videos are put together really well, with great music, and videography. I am hoping Linda and I could become friends on skype and she could walk me through how she creates her videos, and edits them.

One of the ways I have connected with Linda, and she may not know it, is she followed a gal in an Urge to Purge organization project. Well, great idea! I have a need to move my craft room to a larger room in my house, and she gave me the tools to do it, without spenging a fortune. and to complete it a little at a time. Thanks Linda! Love the stickles box you created.

Here is everywhere to find Linda:

Here is a video of a tag I created for Linda.

So keep creating Linda! I love all of your projects, and how you have inspired me.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 10...Sarah 3dogs2kids

Hello Bloggers! Well here we are back on track for our day 10 Featured Artist Series! See, sometimes things work out! BTW- all tags will be mailed out to the artists following the series at the end of the month. I have a desire for a group photo of all the artwork this year.
So without further ado....Day 10's Featured Artist is: Sarah...3dogs2kids

I met Sarah this past year via her Ustream channel the Green Craft Workshop.
I cannot tell a lie, I first thought it meant "Green" as in going green or enviornmentally responsible? It turns out it is a literal Green colored workshop in Sarah's yard. But, Sarah is also a great repurposer. I have seen her take inspiration from bakery boxes, bottles, beautiful photos of her world around her as well as her family, and wonderful dogs.
Sarah is my favorite "shabby chic" style artist. We share that vintage twist to things that I really like. I also could listen to Sarah talk all day long. Love her Scottish accent. She is quick whit, and shares so many of her projects with all of us, and makes it look so easy. After watching Sarah, I often feel inspired, empowered in a sense that "I can make it too"!
Sarah has a lovely family including 2 dogs called...Chunky and Mitzi. They sound adorable, but that could be the accent.:) Sarah and I have a lot in common, and I thrilled we have become friends. We cardmaker's stick together!
Sarah is a member of the Wild Orchid Crafts Design Team, the Wild Bunch over on YouTube. So you can see her beautiful creations on two channels.

Here is everywhere you can find Sarah:
Blog: http://thehandmadecardblog.wordpress.com
WOC YT:wildorchidcrafts
Ustream:The Green Craft Workshop
Folksy store:The Blue Shed

Love everything you make and share Sarah! Love, the cool words you use... and love to hang out and faff around crafting with you!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Featured Artist Series Day 9- Jean-the Musical Scrapper

Hi Bloggers! So here I am a day behind again! What can I say, Life intervenes! My work schedule has been crazy as of late, so I am not going to worry about what day I am on, just going to create a total of 31.

So for Day 9, I would like to share with you my friend Jean. MusicScrp in a lot of places.

I met Jean on Ustream this past year, and I really enjoy watching her create mini books, and complete challenges. She participated in my Rolodex swap last year, and the detail of her rolodex card was amazing. What I like most about Jean, is not only her talent in papercrafts, and her dedication to completing her projects..(something I totally lack.), but her efforts to keep the community together with her Stickam group. Now it is a secret, and you have to be invited, but I have had some really good laughs crafting along with all the girls.

Here is where you can find Jean:
Blog: the musical scrapper
UStream: The Musical Scrapper Mondays 4pm EST

So Jean is a fun loving, musically talented, scrapper in the purest sense. Loves to take the pictures of her adventures, and loves to share the albums, and layouts, and cards, and mini books she seems to quickly produce with all of us. This year she has taken the UIU pledge to "Use it Up", and she is also participating in Darcy W's postcard challenge. Her story is pretty amazing, and she has put a lot of thought into the characters. I look forward to her progress, and her Ustream Shows every Monday night at 4PM EST. Most of all, I love Jean's easy laugh, and positive outlook.

So here is a little tag I made for Jean:

Thanks for sharing Jean!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 7, Day 8--Resources

Hi Bloggers! Today we are going to go in a different direction with my series and feature a few great website resources, that also have YouTube channels and sometimes Ustream shows. This is what happens when I get stuck working the weekend.....what are you going to do, eh?
The websites below I am going to categorize as resources. I follow them all year round, and I learn a lot about upcoming products, and get CHA previews. The 2 great websites I am referring to are:

www.craftcritique.com and www.paperclipping.com

Both are useful but in different ways.
Craft Critique is a website that does product reciews from all over the crafting world. Different crafters will purchase a new product or tool, and use it as a test run, and give thier opinion about how it worked. I find this really helpful for when I want to know how something works, and in what applications. Especially, if the tool is a little costly. It's kind of lie having a team of personal testers, just like you. I encourage you to check them out. They do reviews for every kind of craft imaginable.

Paperclipping.com is a little different. They hold interviews of scrapbooking industry professionals, review product lines, hold live instruction classes, and one of my favorites is thier video series from CHA. Noelle Hyman goes booth to booth ,with her microphone interviewing all the rock stars and filming all the displays. You can get a preview of all the new products coming out. Pretty cool. I really like thier website as well where you can find podcasts, and resources, and calls for design teams, and information. So, with Winter CHA upon us, you will want to subscribe to Paperclipping4u over on YouTube , so you do not miss a thing.

I did make a tag tonight as kind of a stress relief from my crappy work day. I hope you do not mind that I think I am keeping this one for myself, or will at least keep it around for a bit, finish it off and make a gift of it to a future artist. I am working tomorrow, and have been quite tired, so I may use the evening to catch up with another artist for the upcoming week, as I will not have my Ustream Show tomorrow. Gotta make the doughnuts.... So forgive no video tonight, or tomorrow, but perhaps you will enjoy visiting the two resources I mentioned.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 6- Julia- Straydreams

Hello Bloggers! Well, I am almost caught up to being a day behind.... Thanks for all the lovely comments here and over on YouTube, I am really enjoying this series this year.
Today's Featured Artist is.....Julia--Straydreams.
This avatar I think is hysterical, and is so me, and also so Julia. She has such a great sense of humor. The avatar is from Julia's Ustream channel.
I was fortunate to "meet" Julia over on Ustream this past year, and I absolutely adore her. She is a really creative gal, who works in a lot of mediums. She has shown how to make paper buttons, decorated a hat (gorgeous), by the way she made the hat, made great journal pages, and tons of great storage books, mini books, cards, canvases, the list goes on and on.
Here is everywhere you can find Julia:
Blog: http://straydreamsblog.blogspot.com/

Julia your art inspires me. I love how you make something your own, and use re purposed materials, or follow through on an idea. Your art is great, but your soul is better. I love how easy you are with a laugh, and I am very glad to have made friends this year. Here is a little tag I made for Julia:

Thanks for sharing all you do Julia!

Featured Artist Series- Day 5- Jenny-Ozegran

Hello Bloggers! Here I am again sans the Geddy Cat to bring you another Featured Artist. Today we are on Day 5 of my Featured Artist Series, and yes, I am still a day behind.:)
Today's Featured Artist is the wonderful Jenny or Ozegran .
Jenn is extremely talented in many mediums, but I happen to love her mini albums the absolute best. I was fortunate to meet Jenn over on Ustream last year, and have been able to catch a few of her shows when I get the time change correct. Not only is she super talented, but she is really, really funny. We have had a great time cutting up on Ustream a time or two.
What I love about her crafting is the time and care that goes into every step. Take some time to watch a few of her 300(!) You Tube videos and you will see magic in the making. Gorgeous art journal pages, and mini's and Jenn showing you how she did every step.
I also frequent her blog, which she shares her latest projects and obsessions from our wonderful arty world.

Here is everywhere you can find Jenn:
YouTuube: Ozegran
Ustream: Scrap N Share- Ozegran
So below is a video of a little tag I made with her in mind. Jenn loves Tim Holtz as much as I do!
Thank you so much for all you share Jenn!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 4- Tracy- TracyTreasures24

Hello Bloggers!

Yes we are still a day behind with the Featured Artist Series...

Day 4's Featured Artist is... Tracy, TracysTreasures24.

I first started following Tracy over on Youtube a year or so ago. She is from Ontario, Canada, and I was introduced to her via her 365 project. She was talking about a project where you take a photo everyday, and then scrapbook it, as a visual diary of a year in the life.
Since then, I have enjoyed many, many of Tracy's projects. She makes amazing Mini Albums, colors beautiful cards, and makes ingenious designs. She is a very, very talented gal. She has recently joined a design team for a local scrapbooking store, and I am sure their displays are beautiful, as everything Tracy makes is.

Here is where you can find her:

Blog:Tracys Treasures
YouTube: TracysTreasures24

Below is a video of the tag I created for Tracy:

I thought she would enjoy the Bingo background as she works in the accounting field....

I hope you like my creation Tracy! Thank you for sharing all you do!


Featured Artist Series- Day 3- Christina - acraftygirl cabettsutubeuser

Hello Bloggers!

Day 3 featured artist on the 4th? Yes, my friends...I had to work the night shift last night and it has thrown my schedule off a bit.

Day 3 Featured Artist is... Christina! A lovely gal from BC.

Here is where you can find her:

YouTube:acraftygirl cabettsutubeuser

I first came across Christina a while back on YouTube. She and her husband had built a storage house for copic markers, that I thought was just darling. I have followed her ever since, and have found that we have a lot in common. Christina loves the thrift stores, (just like me), and she is a great repurposer of her treasures. We also share a love for vintage things, or the aesthetic of vintage things, and we both love to cook and craft.

I love Christina's mini books that she creates, with so much detail, and care. She is a wonderful gal, who you need to go check out. Her projects are gorgeous, and she has a wonderful personality. Since we share a lot of common loves, I hope to get to know her a little better through YouTube. I just love making friends through this wonderful medium.

Below is the video showing you the tag I made for Christina...

Thank you Christina for all you share! I just love everything you make!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 2- Fran- Lady of Lost Times

Hey Bloggers!

Betcha thought I forgot my challenge already? No way, just had a visit from the wonderful Artedar which delayed my posting a bit. Dar and I had a great day creating. It is great to have a girlfriend who loves to art and lives fairly close:)

But I would be remiss if I did not take the opportinity to tell you about another girlfriend of mine.... Fran known to you as Ladyoflosttimes. I met Fran on Ustream, and then met her in person at the Art on the Ranger retreat. I am amazed by her, as she is primarily a knitter, crocheter, and an art journaler. 3 things I do not do very well. She taught a great book binding class at our retreat, and is extremely patient and creative in beading. Really, anything with an intricate pattern that seems impossible, Fran is your girl.
One of my favorite qualities about Fran is she has a marvelous spirit, is warm and open hearted, ( you know how we Jersey girls are), and her laugh fills a room. She makes me happy, happy, happy.

Here is where to find Fran:


Thank you Fran for reminding me to face my crafting challenges, when a pattern is too difficult, work through it! Thank you so much for your friendship and support.

Below is a tag I made for Fran:

Forgive the raccoon eyes, bad lighting, and grainy footage...no sleep lately, lamp broke and not my regular camera... long story...lol

Love ya Fran!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Featured Artist Series- Day 1- Martha

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! Let's start the new year off properly with my featured artist series!

Today's Featured Artist is..... Martha , better known to you as SeekingforArt.

Martha is just one of those downright lovely people, who is incredibly talented. I had the good fortune to meet her when she joined us on the Art on the Ranger Retreat this past October. Martha is extremely talented, in a lot of mediums, and you need to go check her out:


So there is everywhere you can find her. and find her you need to. She is a treasure who has been published many times. Her Melted Crayon Frida's were in Somerset Studio, but she is far to humble to mention it. Martha has been involved with ATC's for All, Art Trader, which is juried, and tough , tough to get into. My favorite quality of her's aside from her art is her warm personality and great sense of humor. ("That would be your technique then Fran").

I can just hug her to bits!

So, here is my little tribute tag made for Martha, my good friend, who taught me the joys of melted crayons, and to smile with your heart everyday.