Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/20/11 Featured Artist Series Lilly(MsScrappinGal)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 20 of my Featured Artist, pay it forward challenge.

Today's artist is...Lilly (Msscrappingal).

Here is another AMAZING talent for you at a young age. I first started watching Lilly's videos over on YouTube a few years ago. She was my very first subscriber. The beauty and patience she puts into each of her projects is just amazing. Certainly, something I did not learn until I was at least twice her age.

Lilly makes cards, mini books, beautiful embellishments that she sells on her blog store here:


and Lily is just getting started in Copic coloring, which is sure to be awesome, like everything else she does.

Lily's YouTube channel here:

She is such a truly talented young artist, and shares her joy and works very readily. Check out her blog and store, love the tiny aluminum roses!

Lily, Thank you so much for all you share with all of us. I created a tag for you which you can see in the video below:


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  1. OH That tag is BEAUTIFUL!!! How fun it is to watch what you come up with next. You are really keeping up with this challenge! I admire that. Cant wait to see the next one!