Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/16/11- 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist...Kathy (kathyorta)

Hi Party People!

Welcome to day 16 of my featured artist series, pay it forward challenge. Today's featured artist is...Kathy Orta, also known in many circles as Paper Phenomenon.

What a perfect name, because wow! she really is! I first started following a few years back when I began in the blogging and video world. I was having problems with an upgrade to insert videos into my blog posts, and reached out to Kathy, and she helped me out. I gravitated toward Kathy at that time for several reasons. 1)She lives in an area of Florida where I used to live, so I was familiar with her stomping ground, and amazed at the kits she put together. 2.) The woman is a paper engineer! She can create a mini from scratch at the drop of a hat. Shapes too, it is really a joy to watch. 3.) How can you not love someone who is exuberant, fun and calls you a PITA Babe?

I have watched as she has created shaped mini's, three dimensional objects, such as a clock, a dresser, I think even a valentine's day heart shaped candy box! There is nothing, literally nothing, she can't figure out how to make out of paper. And she shares it so openly in a fun environment.

So I was a bit stumped as to what to make for her. I thought to keep it simple, and use her favorite paper collection from 2010, the Mariposa line. I created a mini album, that is a Laura Dennison design,(another gal with mad skills), using this paper. I hope Kathy likes it!

You can find Kathy on YouTube:
On Ustream:
On Her Blog:

I can't thank Kathy enough for all that she has brought to the crafting community. Her passion, and vivacious personality, and her skills. I thank her for all she shares, and has taught me. Be sure to check her out! She is so Fun!


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  1. ooooh! clicked on the blog link and watched the chest vid and now i am itching to grab up something and make a box. thank you laurel for sharing.