Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11- 31 day challenge- Inkwell

Welcome to day one of my 31 day challenge! Today's featured artist is ....

Dede Willingham aka Inkwell

Dede is someone I have just met via Ustream, and is definately a huge inspiration, and a Rock Star Artist! She is a very giving soul, and shares her talents via her blogs and Live Ustream shows on Wednesdays and Thursday at 9am EST. I am always bummed out, because I never get to see her live shows, but I do watch the recordings Dede! Not only does Dede have mad drawing and painting skills, she is so wonderfully cheerful and encouraging to other artists of all types. Maybe it is her southern accent, or her wonderful laugh, but believe me, if you have time to watch her shows, don't miss it. She is an inspiration.

And talented beyond measure. Check out her art journal pages on her blog:

and here is her Ustream link for her Art & Coffee shows:

While I was watching her Stream- a- thon on Friday, I overheard her mention that she did not have many stamps. Well I can help with that! Below is the video I made of a video regarding the RAK I sent to DeDe.

I am very glad to have made her aquaintance, and I cannot say Thank you enough for all of the support and encouragement you have given our Art Community! Thanks you so much!



  1. What an honor to be your first featured artist, Laurel! Such kind words from your kind and generous heart is very touching indeed! Thanks so much, and may all your thoughtfulness return to you many times over. Keep making your beautiful cards and inspiring US with your patient and wonderfully detailed creativity!

  2. I couldn't agree more, Laurel...Dede rocks!