Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/11 Featured Artist Series Darlene(Artedar)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to day 19 of my Featured Artisit series! Today's featured artist is...Darlene (Artedar).

Dar is a magical artist. She makes things that I can only imagine! And she makes it look effortless. All the while encouraging you to try it too! I first met Darlene on Ustream, via my good friend Paula's show. She would come and be so supportive. I later found out we are practically neighbors, as Dar lives 30 minutes south of me.

Recently Dar started making videos, and is just starting on Ustream as well. Through most of her videos, she shows art that she created, or received from swaps she participated in. On a recent Ustream broadcast she showed how to make a purse from a book. just amazing. So you can guess from my description, Dar is a mixed media artist. She loves to alter things, and create art dolls. She has shown so many rich ideas for altering items from bottles, to cd's, to a rolodex, to making a shrine from an altoids tin. I could go on and on.

Dar is vividly creative, in everything she takes on. If you need to jump start your imagination to create a new project, go to Dar's channel. You will see some fabulous things, and probably won't know where to start!

Dar is an excellent teacher as well. I did have to re watch her Ustream to get the purse down, but she is encouraging, and really gives you the confidence to take on new projects. Dar does everything, altered art, drawing, painting, stamping, she probably sews. I know she teaches from time to time at a Michael's store in her area.

You can find Dar on YouTube:
and on Ustream:

So Dar, keep it going! We always want to see you create more! Your art is beautiful, and you share it so openly. I thought since we both have a love of steampunk, I would make you a tag. I hope you display it and enjoy it in your artroom.

I hope to see many more videos from you, and thank you for all of your support of me, and my art. Also, we have to make the shopping happen, neighbor!



  1. I just started watching her ustream and her purses made out of books are so cool! I cant get over the things she shows on her show. Like you said. She Does It All! LOL Great video and I am so enjoying your challenge =0)

    Have a great day!

  2. Quote)Just thought I would pass my friends blog along to you……you two have similar tastes…….you’ve been drinking the same Kool Aide….LOL! Candice (unquote)
    Hello hello Laurel!!! I just found an email from CANDY tonight....she sent this blog to me....kewl, huh?
    Thank you with all my heart for the recognition and promotion...I'm so humbled and yet feel 'special'. Husband was very attentive and reassuring when I showed him your YouTube....what a wonderful feeling to have so much support behind me.
    P&L, Dar ((((hugs))))xoxoxox