Sunday, January 23, 2011

1/23/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Rita(Rita HutchesonCobbs)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 23 of my 31 day Featured Artist Challenge. I sure am having fun paying it forward. Today's artist is...Rita (RitaHutchesonCobbs).

Rita is just a wonderful person. She is so warm and welcoming, and one of the very first people I met on Ustream. She has an infectious hearty laugh, and she is multi talented. Rita works in paper, paint, fibers, recycled materials, and makeup. She also is a stamper, which as you know is very Close to My Heart...ahem.

She has a wonderful creative spirit, and shares readily. You have to go and check her out. She can be found:



Here is a video of a little box and mini I created for Rita:

Love you and your work Rita! Keep on creating! Can't wait to see what you do next.



  1. Laurel!!!! Thank You for including me! OMGosh, I am so excited....I so appreciate this...

  2. Congrats Rita!! Laurel it was so much fun watching you make this!