Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/24/11 31 Day Challenge Featured Artist Nancy(GoinCriCrazy)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 24 of my Pay it Forward, Featured Artist Series. Today's Artist is...Nancy (GoinCriCrazy).

I truly believe in Paying it Forward. It is not just an adage to me. I believe if you do good things and put out kindness into the world, it comes back to you.
Nancy reinforced my beliefs with a kindness she did for me, and I just cannot thank her enough!

So enough about me! Nancy is a wonderful person and artist I recently started following over on YouTube. Once I did, I quickly learned that we are very similar. We both adore Tim Holtz, we both are members of Your Paper Pantry, we both follow similar people, and we seem to like similar things. Nancy is a very talented lady who I recently saw do a series of videos on using the Melting Pot, and casting molds and such. She was a thrifty shopper, and found a more affordable product to use in place of the mold n pour product to create molds. The Amazing Putty. Good Show Nancy! One of the reasons I do not cast as often is the expense of the other stuff. She also has done videos about mini books, and her other creations. She is a participant in the 31 day challenge as well.
You can find Nancy here:

Blog: http://www.letstalkexpression.blogspot.com/

The name of Nancy's blog is actually For the Love of Tim, so I thought I would make her a little Thank you valentine tag:

Thanks for all you share Nancy! Keep on creating!


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  1. That tag is BEAUTIFUL! And so fitting!! Great job!! Cant wait for tomorrows.