Thursday, July 12, 2012

My life is a reality TV show......

Some days I feel like my life is a reality TV show. I am waiting for the cameras to show up, because things that happen to me just seems unbelievable.

 I live in NJ. In this state, we are required to register our cars annually, inspect them every other year, and keep up insurance coverage always. We used to have them inspected annually, but due to state cutbacks they have extended this to every two years. I used to, register my car online every year on my birthday, and then trot on over to the inspection station. This year, since I was already inspected, I somehow forgot to register my car. And that is where our story begins.....

 Yesterday, I left work, and drove to the Hotel's bank, and made the night drop deposit and was continuing on my way home. I noticed a police car behind me, so I was extra cautious, obeyed all the traffic laws, and speed limits. I made sure I was not on my cell phone. Imagine my surprise when I was pulled over. I was asked for my License , registration and insurance card, by a young female officer. I dug out my license, handed over the insurance card, and was dumb-founded to find that my registration had expired. The officer asked where I was going, I replied home , some 10 miles away. She told me to sit tight, whilst she ran my information. I complied. Then I notice another cop car has pulled up. Really? 2 cars and officers for me?

 I am then informed that I am a hazard to the roadway, and my car will be towed. I ask where are they towing it? Can't they follow me to say the hotel? I am willing to leave it there until this is sorted out. No absolutely not, this is hazardous to other drivers is the reply.

 At this stage, the steam is pouring out of my ears, and I am clamping my mouth shut. A hazard? Because I overlooked a fee to the state? Really? I could understand a lack of insurance, or faulty inspection, but those are fine in my case. Within 20 minutes, a huge flat bed appears, and my car is taken. I am then told that the cops are going to make sure I cross the street safely. I cross, and watch as they drive away with my car. The cops the trailer and all. They have left me on the side of the road, by myself, at 7pm at night. No ride to the police station, just flippin left me.

 I call home, then realize, if I had forgotten to register my car, I most certainly forgot to register Keith's. No ride there. I call all of our friends, and receive no answer. I then call Mr. Dee the taxi man for our hotel. and he comes to my rescue. Mr Dee is from Haiti. He has a lovely accent, and is a kind and generous man. He explains what will happen to me if it had been insurance and not registration. He also drives me home for free, as I think I had $1.50 in my purse. He is a prince.

 As you can imagine, I am beyond pissed off. I am so mad I am out of words. I do however make arrangements to borrow my neighbors car today, to go take care of this crap. The silver lining is, she drives a registered Lexus. So, whilst I am a cavorting criminal, at least I will be driving a cool car.

 I ask you, does this law make sense? Take your vehicle for non registration? I think not. But please my friends, if you ever move to NJ, be certain you keep up your paper work or the cops will run your tag, and impound your car. Today's escapade will set me back about $300 and a days work. I also got a $55 summons. In the area where this occurred, there have been recent shootings, robberies, and major problems. The crack Absecon police force is on the job, so we should all feel safe from unregistered driving. Just my luck, I am the example.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update 7/1/12

Hello Friends!

Wondering where I have been?  Well, it is our busy season for me at work right now, and I have been there far more than I would like.  Add in blistering heat in a non air-conditioned home, a major storm that took out power for days and days, and you get the picture.

We are all fine and well, just muddling through as it were.

I have not "made" anything in about a month. Just very uninspired at the moment. A break from it all seemed in order. I have found when I place stress on myself to do a Ustream show, or create anything, I become frustrated in the process. And it is still something I do for enjoyment, so I do not want to rob myself of that.

I have received a lot of questions regarding the next round of the box swap, and the Ranger Retreat this year.  I would like to continue the box swap, but my work is taking over at the moment, so nothing until August.  As far as plans for the Ranger Retreat in October, I am working on them. Please watch the blog for details.

I hope everyone is well, and I do miss you all. Hope to see you all soon.