Saturday, January 26, 2013

Giveaway Time......

Hello Everyone!

 I have been teasing you with a giveaway...and here it is! Instead of typing a whole lot.... here is the video that goes over all of the prize and the rules.

  Thanks so much for your support! Giveaway closes 1/29/13 at 6pm!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Candy Boxes.. with a crafty treat inside

Hi Everyone!

Two days in a row? I must have a fever?  Well, a crafting one....Just enjoying a little R & R and thought I would share today's project.

I was checking out some YouTube video's and a gal I follow: TheRobNLaura  showed a haul video and also showed a valentine candy box she decorated. I thought it was adorable, and I happened to have a few boxes on voila! I made 4 of know me, got to wear out a

Anyway thanks to Laura, and enjoy!


Rubber Band Books....

Hi Everyone!

I managed a week's vacation, and I have been doing some Art!!! Yippee!!!!

I went a little crazy and made a bunch of Rubber Band Books , that I learned from Dede, Inkwell on Ustream. It is such a great idea, and easy to do. I used either boxes from Microwave Popcorn, or cat food or a corrugated box flap.

I have made them for a card kit, or to house my vintage Atlantic City Postcard collection, and even to store my bling! You can knock one out in about an hour.....

I was asked to share my measurements for the card file style , and I will preface this by saying this is all dependent on the size of box you choose. My card file books are made from a Whiska's cat food box which measure 5inches tall by 7 inches wide.

For the pocket pages:
I used 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cut it to 9 3/4 x 12.
On the short side I scored at 4 7/8
I turned the paper to the long side and scored at 5 and at 1
 I folded the paper in half on the short side, folded up the pocket on the 5 inch score and made  a little flap on the one inch score.

I attached brads to close the pockets on the outside edges.

To cover the book:

I used 2 pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.

I cut them both in half vertically. I then inserted one 6 inch panel in the center of the other two, using a 1 inch lap over on either side. If you use the same pattern, you can match the pattern back so it looks like one continuous piece of paper. I covered my seams with bling mesh or trim. The remaining 6 inch panel, is your liner for the book interior.  I mitered all my corners and I cut out some of the bulk into miters as well on the top and bottom of the spine.
I also tied on a ton of lace, ribbon, and tulle to my spine on the rubber bands. It makes it look really pretty and it is fun.  Below is a video of a few of my books. Thanks so much Dede!! I love this!

Happy Crafting!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

 Long time no see! I know, I know!!! It is just awful how out of touch I have been. A thousand apologies, and few excuses. Although I have a few really good ones.... Like... Hurricane Sandy, for one.

 Yes it lined up right for us, took out a bunch of trees, and our power for a week. We are all fine, many in our community or nearby are not. If you want to help Red Cross is the way to go.

 I digress. Anyway, I wanted to turn the page into the new year and make a few resolutions. I for one am really happy that 2012 is behind me. I did not accomplish what I had hoped, and have found myself in a bad place spiritually, and mentally and perhaps a little physically. I worked too hard, took on too much, and have found myself very unhappy.

 resolution #1- Get Happy. No matter what it takes. Find some fun, some smiles, and relieve myself of all people and things that apply pressure of any kind to my life.

 resolution #2- Tell people what I think instead of bottling it up and suffering the consequences. I really stuffed down my feelings last year.

 resolution #3- Get Healthy. Lose a few pounds, become more active, take care of my back, and keep the shingles at bay. Eat better, and generally try and feel better, through better sleep and positivity.

 resolution #4- Find my patience. I used to be very patient with people and things. Not lately! I need to find that centered person I used to be.

 resolution #5- Do not bite off more than I can chew. I am a chronic over planner, over participater, over scheduler. I have to knock it off. I need the rest. I also do not need the stress.

 resolution #6- Clean my craft room- once and for all, already! Yeesh! I hate the mess, I hate being unorganized, I hate the whole thing. Yet I am so lazy to deal with it I can't stand myself.

 resolution #7- Have fun while creating- Remember when I used to have fun making things? and I made videos and everything? Somewhere along the way, it stopped being fun, so I stopped doing it. I need to enjoy it again. I really liked all the fun of making things.

resolution #8- Keep up this blog- I used to enjoy writing this blog, but life intervened, and there you go. I need to make some challenges this year to keep it going.

 resolution #9- Live each day to it's fullest- I have developed a bit of a lazy bone recently coming through my back pain, and the shingles. I have not felt good enough to get up and go and do much, so I don't. I need to push myself to live every minute.

 resolution #10- Cherish the people in my life- I need to show my family and close friends how important they are to me.

 So, it's a start! I have so many things to accomplish this year, and I can guess I will add to the list.

Have you made any resolutions?