Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Holidays and a new home

Hello Friends,

 Its been a few months, I know. Been busy packing! and now I am happy to say we are in our new home.

 We managed to get the old house packed up.  It was a literal game of beat the clock, we made it through. POD was moved to new home last week, and today with some help of some dear friends, we managed to clear the garage, and unload the POD.

 My parents move in this weekend. So we are in the home stretch. We found a beautiful home, large enough for all of us

. A wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all. We are looking forward to a small family Christmas, lots of togetherness, and a few gifts. but it is all about being together

. I never thought it would happen, and it is so hard but we are getting there.

 I hope all of your dreams come true this holiday season.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blue Skies and grateful for literally everything

Hello Friends!

 It has been a long Summer, and a lot of turmoil in my life. I am happy to report perseverance pays off! If you follow my blog, than you already know of my family struggles. Glad to say, Dad's health is pretty good. He still requires monitoring and a lot of assistance, but the good days out weigh the bad ones lately. :)

 I don't know when I decided to pursue a potential rental home for the entire family, but I am sure glad I did. I have been researching the real estate listings for purchase or rental for about 3 years. As I still have some financial burden to clear up, and the the new pressures of my parents lease ending 12/31/15, I guess a light bulb went off. I was extremely fortunate to find a 5 bedroom, 4 bath home, with a first floor bedroom and full bathroom ( My Mom requires this), on the third day it was listed for rent. Keith and I got in to see it, and immediately knew this would suit everyone with very few changes. We wrangled the family and wound up getting my Mom in to see it, and she was as impressed. I filled out the application on the spot. About a week later, I got to meet the owner. He is a wonderful family oriented gentleman, who I feel really cares. This week I pay the deposits, and it will be available 11/1/15 for us to move in.

 I opted to rent for a few reasons. Primarily I may not need a house so large in five years. With careful planning, I should be able to clear my financial burdens, and be in a better position to purchase a smaller home, when the time comes. The other reason, is to attempt to purchase a home of this size now, may make it more difficult to sell in the future, and certainly cost more than I want to spend at present.

 So now the panic sets in, and all of the work. I have begun packing up my craft room, and I am so happy I will have one in the new place. I am taking all suggestions for packing up supplies and designing organized spaces! The new room is off the Master bedroom, sort of an office space that is 18 x 12.

 The new place has a fabulous basement as well, Keith is planning to put up his pool table and make a great men's den. We plan on converting the formal living room to my Mother's sewing room.

 There is a nice sized room with a full bathroom adjoined for Bob, and we plan on taking the other 2 bedrooms and making my father his own room, and a guest room/office in the other.

 Now it is time to pack up all of the things from our house, and get ready to shift it over. Such a task! I keep thinking positively, and I know that we can do it!

 Thank you to all who have given me support and friendship over this difficult time!

 I can see blue skies and I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now!


Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello dear friends,
I try to keep this blog clear of problems, and art focused, but my life dictates differently lately, so I thought I would try and answer all the questions I have been getting recently regarding family life. I saw my friend Paula Journal Artista put it all out there recently, so I thought a little honesty might help.

As many of you know, my Dad took very ill in April. He has congestive heart failure, needs a valve replacement, and has been deemed too high risk to undergo a surgery. He also was told he does not have long to live. As he is always the underdog who beats the odds when it comes to health care, we have been providing him support care, with daily visits, chores, medication monitoring etc. He has good days and bad days. Days where he remembers everything, and days where he does not know what day it is. It is a difficult struggle, and I have become his parent which is even more difficult to bear. My Mom is still fighting her diabetes, and remains in a wheelchair. This limits her ability to help out with Dad. Add to that the fact that they no longer drive, and have been married 51 years, and you get the picture. They get no break from each other, as Dad needs monitoring all the time.
My job is as stressful as ever. Summer at the shore is a time where millions of dollar are at stake, literally, so I am a working fiend May-Sept.  A typical day is 12 hours, and most of it on my feet, which hurt a lot most of the time.

My darling Keith, still struggles to find work, as in our area with casinos closing, and foreclosure rates skyrocketing, there is no work. I am grateful he helps out with my parents.
We have a friend, who recently lost his mother,  as well as her home where he lived , who has moved in with us. He also was let go from his job not long after he buried his mother, and work is not available.
Depression is always knocking at my door, but I just don't have time to entertain it. I am the only source of income for  for my family aside from. my parents retirement income which does not go far enough.
I have long felt the solution would be to buy a bigger home, move my parents into it with all of us. I even found the perfect place. Then I started down the road to finance. So very difficult, as when you have been carrying others, for literal years, you tend to amass some debt.
Selling our current house is not an option, as we are in foreclosure. Not in my name, but in Keith's.
I have called in every avenue I can to be able to pay off my debt, and then I am told I can become financed.It just is not enough money. I am selling off my art supplies, (see former post) at a deep discount, and I managed to raise $50.
It is a daunting, depressing task.
I feel as though , I am playing beat the clock with my father's health, and the answer is to buy a home where we can all be together, and he can be comfortable.
I just want to do this one thing for them, and there are road blocks at every turn.
I have spoken to many professionals, in finance, and there just are no easy answers. So this is my truth, and what I contend with on a daily basis. This is why I have vanished from all of my art work, and online friends.

If you would like to help I set up a Go Fund Me campaign:gofundme.com/zqayt7y

I cannot thank you all enough.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stash Mystery Boxes

Hello dear friends,
Well, my life is changing. I don't want to get into too many details, but suffice it to say, we are moving in the near future. My goal is to get a place large enough, to bring my parents in to live with us, due the care they require. We also have a friend who has been through a tough time with loss of family, moving in with us.

It is a difficult time overall.  I was clearing out my old studio, and felt like I wanted to sell off what I could, and donate a lot of older product.  I have tons of older style scrapbook papers, cardstock, embellishments, and products that need good homes.  I do not have the time to photograph it all and try and sell it so, I thought Mystery boxes would be the way to go.

Medium size , flat rate boxes packed with older papers, punches, cardstock,  stamps, and what not, for the bargain price of $25 including shipping , domestic. If international will pay shipping, I am happy to send your way too. I have a price of $40 for international, its just an estimate to cover shipping.

 This is older stock, some used, some new, all treasured, that I need to get cleared out. I also need to establish a fund for a new big house. 

If you are interested, please  leave a comment on this post, and use the PayPal button below.

I will be shipping boxes out all this week.

I appreciate your support.

Mystery Stash Boxes

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good Morning Friends!
Today I am happy to let you know about a local charity crop that I am organizing for Atlantic County Habitat for Humanity! We were fortunate to get our date yesterday, and the Benefit crop will be

Saturday, April 18, 2015, 9am-9pm, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Northfield, NJ

Donation: $50 and please bring a covered dish.

We will have classes, auction goodies, breakfast of coffee and donuts will be provided, Flea Market table for your gently loved supplies, prizes and a lot of fun for a great cause.

If you would like to make a donation, of prizes,  by way of class kits,  or treasures from your stash, Please mail them to: Laurel DeViney 307 Kirklin Ave, Linwood, NJ 08221. I am planning on making several auction baskets, and I would truly appreciate any donated items. 

If you are local and would like to attend the crop, and join in the fun, Please look for my event on Facebook.  You may also e-mail me: ldeviney@comcast.net, and I will secure your spot. Donation will be due on crop day. Please make all checks payable to : Atlantic County Habitat for Humanity. Donation is $50.00.

If you would like to be a vendor, please also e-mail me. We are currently searching for Stampin Up!, Close to My Heart, Creative Memories, Club Scrap, and any other companies. Fun Stampers Journey stamps will be represented by me!

Any help you can provide by way of donation, or attendance is truly appreciated.

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Update Fun Stampers Journey

Hello Friends!
Every time I access my blog as of late, I am just shocked by how I neglect it! My last post was in November! I have been doing an awful lot since then!  Made it through the holidays, my parents moved at long last!
It is just now, I feel I can dedicate a little time to crafting, and creating and share with all of you, a few of the ideas I have been working on.

I am happy to say I joined Fun Stampers Journey back in November. Since then, I have had the privilege to have four other like minded ladies, join the Journey,  and we have begun creating a group of Journey coaches named the Awesome Blossoms Crew, or ABC's for short.  Even though we are starting out small, we are mighty! Great gals, wonderful inspiration, and wonderful cards and art which we are sharing, in the hopes that we can have many other stampers join our Team, and Enjoy the Journey as well.
  We have created a Facebook group exclusive to the team, for sharing of ideas, photos and best practices. This is just the beginning, and if you are interested, the Founding coaches offer is still available until 500 coaches sign up.  It is a great deal!  For $150 plus shipping and tax  you receive a great package!
Everything you see in the picture! Which includes:
  • Journey Grand Machine, and all associated plates
  •  a rolling tote, a shoulder tote
  •  Pennants Die set and Coordinating Banner Party Stamp Set
  • Greet and Shout Stamp Set
  • Birthday Sketch Stamp Set
  • Damask Print ATS Stamp
  • 4 Colors of True Color Fusion Ink
  • Cardstock packs in Black, white and mixed color
  • Journey Twine
  • Journey Sparkle dust
  • Journey Glaze
  • Journey Stamp Cleaner
  • Sweet Berry Gingham Ribbon
  • Box of Catalogs
  • Back office Access for easy order placing, and the latest information.
It is a terrific value, considering the Journey Grand Machine retails for $150.00!

The best part is that sales minimums are low... $150/ per quarter.  Even if you are not interested as a business, it is easy to stay active by placing your own orders, with such a low sales minimum. The company is just beginning as well, so if a career path is something you desire, you are in on the ground floor.

If you are interested in learning more about Fun Stampers Journey, or joining my team, please access: www.funstampersjourney/336  or send me an e-mail: ldeviney@comcast.net

I have big plans which I am currently working on for a virtual stamp club, which I will begin in March.  If your wish list is long, but you are on a budget, this is the answer for you. Benefits include:
  • Free Tutorial pdf worksheets with all measurements and ingredients
  • Free exclusive step by step videos for club members only
  • Free catalogs/seasonal catalogs
  • Earn Frequent Stamper awards for purchases
Club commitment is 6 months, and requires a $35 minimum purchase monthly. After completing your six month commitment, you may continue on a month to month basis. This club runs from March 2015-August 015. I will send club members a link to my online store with a suggested product list  for the projects of the month, at the start of the month.  Orders need to be placed between the 1st and 15th of the month. Projects will be three cards and a dimensional object every month, plus an occasional bonus project.  If you spend $50 before shipping and tax, you qualify for the month's promotion. I only ask that you do not share exclusive club content .

I hope you will consider joining Stamp with Laurel. I look forward to sharing my creations with you. If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to : ldeviney@comcast.net, and kindly list Stamp with Laurel Club in the subject line. Currently this club is open to stampers residing in the USA.

Thank you for reading and for your support !