Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi Bloggers!

Today I am bringing you Featured Artist for Day 11. The lovely Linda, known to you as LindaLap over on YouTube.
I first discovered Linda via YouTube last year, when she showed a creative way to make a zippered bag out of a piece of 12 x 12 paper. Ingenious, and cute! I contacted Linda to ask if I could share it on my Ustream show, and we have been following each other, ever since.

I really like a lot of the projects Linda makes. She re-purposes thrift store items, makes cards, participates in a lot of challenges, and has a really great way of sharing her creations via YouTube. I love all of her videos. Linda has a really soothing voice. Her videos are put together really well, with great music, and videography. I am hoping Linda and I could become friends on skype and she could walk me through how she creates her videos, and edits them.

One of the ways I have connected with Linda, and she may not know it, is she followed a gal in an Urge to Purge organization project. Well, great idea! I have a need to move my craft room to a larger room in my house, and she gave me the tools to do it, without spenging a fortune. and to complete it a little at a time. Thanks Linda! Love the stickles box you created.

Here is everywhere to find Linda:

Here is a video of a tag I created for Linda.

So keep creating Linda! I love all of your projects, and how you have inspired me.


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