Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Featured Artist Series Day 9- Jean-the Musical Scrapper

Hi Bloggers! So here I am a day behind again! What can I say, Life intervenes! My work schedule has been crazy as of late, so I am not going to worry about what day I am on, just going to create a total of 31.

So for Day 9, I would like to share with you my friend Jean. MusicScrp in a lot of places.

I met Jean on Ustream this past year, and I really enjoy watching her create mini books, and complete challenges. She participated in my Rolodex swap last year, and the detail of her rolodex card was amazing. What I like most about Jean, is not only her talent in papercrafts, and her dedication to completing her projects..(something I totally lack.), but her efforts to keep the community together with her Stickam group. Now it is a secret, and you have to be invited, but I have had some really good laughs crafting along with all the girls.

Here is where you can find Jean:
Blog: the musical scrapper
UStream: The Musical Scrapper Mondays 4pm EST

So Jean is a fun loving, musically talented, scrapper in the purest sense. Loves to take the pictures of her adventures, and loves to share the albums, and layouts, and cards, and mini books she seems to quickly produce with all of us. This year she has taken the UIU pledge to "Use it Up", and she is also participating in Darcy W's postcard challenge. Her story is pretty amazing, and she has put a lot of thought into the characters. I look forward to her progress, and her Ustream Shows every Monday night at 4PM EST. Most of all, I love Jean's easy laugh, and positive outlook.

So here is a little tag I made for Jean:

Thanks for sharing Jean!

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  1. OMGOSH You out did yourself on this one Laurel! Congrats Jean!! Super well deserved!!! Hope you are doing ok Laurel! Hang in there!!