Friday, January 6, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 6- Julia- Straydreams

Hello Bloggers! Well, I am almost caught up to being a day behind.... Thanks for all the lovely comments here and over on YouTube, I am really enjoying this series this year.
Today's Featured Artist is.....Julia--Straydreams.
This avatar I think is hysterical, and is so me, and also so Julia. She has such a great sense of humor. The avatar is from Julia's Ustream channel.
I was fortunate to "meet" Julia over on Ustream this past year, and I absolutely adore her. She is a really creative gal, who works in a lot of mediums. She has shown how to make paper buttons, decorated a hat (gorgeous), by the way she made the hat, made great journal pages, and tons of great storage books, mini books, cards, canvases, the list goes on and on.
Here is everywhere you can find Julia:

Julia your art inspires me. I love how you make something your own, and use re purposed materials, or follow through on an idea. Your art is great, but your soul is better. I love how easy you are with a laugh, and I am very glad to have made friends this year. Here is a little tag I made for Julia:

Thanks for sharing all you do Julia!

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  1. OH this one turned out so purty!!! Love it! CONGRATS to Julie!! Truly deserved!! Great job Laurel!! *huggles* =0)