Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 10...Sarah 3dogs2kids

Hello Bloggers! Well here we are back on track for our day 10 Featured Artist Series! See, sometimes things work out! BTW- all tags will be mailed out to the artists following the series at the end of the month. I have a desire for a group photo of all the artwork this year.
So without further ado....Day 10's Featured Artist is: Sarah...3dogs2kids

I met Sarah this past year via her Ustream channel the Green Craft Workshop.
I cannot tell a lie, I first thought it meant "Green" as in going green or enviornmentally responsible? It turns out it is a literal Green colored workshop in Sarah's yard. But, Sarah is also a great repurposer. I have seen her take inspiration from bakery boxes, bottles, beautiful photos of her world around her as well as her family, and wonderful dogs.
Sarah is my favorite "shabby chic" style artist. We share that vintage twist to things that I really like. I also could listen to Sarah talk all day long. Love her Scottish accent. She is quick whit, and shares so many of her projects with all of us, and makes it look so easy. After watching Sarah, I often feel inspired, empowered in a sense that "I can make it too"!
Sarah has a lovely family including 2 dogs called...Chunky and Mitzi. They sound adorable, but that could be the accent.:) Sarah and I have a lot in common, and I thrilled we have become friends. We cardmaker's stick together!
Sarah is a member of the Wild Orchid Crafts Design Team, the Wild Bunch over on YouTube. So you can see her beautiful creations on two channels.

Here is everywhere you can find Sarah:
WOC YT:wildorchidcrafts
Ustream:The Green Craft Workshop
Folksy store:The Blue Shed

Love everything you make and share Sarah! Love, the cool words you use... and love to hang out and faff around crafting with you!



  1. CONGRATS SARAH!!! The tag is beautiful! Very fitting for Sarah! Just lovely *huggles* =0)

  2. Hey Laurel :-)

    What can I say....... I am truely humbled by your lovely gesture on having me as one of your featured artist's, I love to craft and I love the fact that I have made so many lovely friends through this craft, especially you.

    Love the tag you have made, the colours are gorgeous and here I was admiring that fabric paper when you were showing it to us on Ustream last night, now i'll have a tag made fromn it :-)

    No doubt I will see you around the next time i'm faffin up in the workshop hehe

    Lots of love

    Sarah xx

  3. Hi Laurel, I have been missing you so stopped by to check in and realized I am behind on watching the videos. I will check out Sarah. I love a good accent as well. Especially the area of the world. My favorite. Your tag is wonderful.
    I hope all is well in your world and you are getting to hold and spoil the baby. I had a great aunt who didn't have children of her own but we all were her children. Her heart was to big for just a family to herself. It was meant to share with many as I think yours must be.