Saturday, January 7, 2012

Featured Artist Series- Day 7, Day 8--Resources

Hi Bloggers! Today we are going to go in a different direction with my series and feature a few great website resources, that also have YouTube channels and sometimes Ustream shows. This is what happens when I get stuck working the weekend.....what are you going to do, eh?
The websites below I am going to categorize as resources. I follow them all year round, and I learn a lot about upcoming products, and get CHA previews. The 2 great websites I am referring to are: and

Both are useful but in different ways.
Craft Critique is a website that does product reciews from all over the crafting world. Different crafters will purchase a new product or tool, and use it as a test run, and give thier opinion about how it worked. I find this really helpful for when I want to know how something works, and in what applications. Especially, if the tool is a little costly. It's kind of lie having a team of personal testers, just like you. I encourage you to check them out. They do reviews for every kind of craft imaginable. is a little different. They hold interviews of scrapbooking industry professionals, review product lines, hold live instruction classes, and one of my favorites is thier video series from CHA. Noelle Hyman goes booth to booth ,with her microphone interviewing all the rock stars and filming all the displays. You can get a preview of all the new products coming out. Pretty cool. I really like thier website as well where you can find podcasts, and resources, and calls for design teams, and information. So, with Winter CHA upon us, you will want to subscribe to Paperclipping4u over on YouTube , so you do not miss a thing.

I did make a tag tonight as kind of a stress relief from my crappy work day. I hope you do not mind that I think I am keeping this one for myself, or will at least keep it around for a bit, finish it off and make a gift of it to a future artist. I am working tomorrow, and have been quite tired, so I may use the evening to catch up with another artist for the upcoming week, as I will not have my Ustream Show tomorrow. Gotta make the doughnuts.... So forgive no video tonight, or tomorrow, but perhaps you will enjoy visiting the two resources I mentioned.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. *HUGS LAUREL* Hang in there!! Love this idea by the way!! Remember to eat and drink water! LOL It will help. OH and dont watch the clock lol that makes it worse!