Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update.....the great clean up

Hello Bloggers!

I know... long time no see , right? Life intervenes in a big way sometimes. So I can guess you all are wondering what happened to me and my Featured Artist Series? Well, I had to work. For about 6 days a week for about 5 weeks. No time to do anything but work. The series is not abandoned, but rather on hiatus....

My intention is to pick it up after I complete the most pressing of projects, begun today. The great clean up, and Move the Studio project.

So I was coerced into making a before video... (thanks Dede!) and from the looks of it you would think a certain TV show may be knocking on my door soon, but it really is not THAT bad. Bad yes, but achievable.

So for posterity, I have recorded a Before video...which is here:

I am using the before, as encouragement for the After...
Don't judge! It took a lot of creative hard work to get it this bad!

Stay tuned for updates.



  1. I'm so proud of you for "giving in" and revealing the "before" vid of what will be the most AWESOME art studio. May I say I'm a bit jello of all the space you have!!! save the empty boxes until after the big move, they will help move things from room to room. sooo, be ready for the organizing faeries to swoop down and create a magic space for you! :)
    P&L, Dar

  2. LOL! My room looked like that when I moved into my house..My hubby had to unbox me out of my room..It will get there! Plenty of storage is key!!