Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update... Rolodex swap, and me....

Hello Everyone!

You may think I have gotten lost lately, and in a sense I have. It is the start of our season at the hotel, and my day job has taken over! I literally have worked every day this past week, and have six more days to conquer this week.

One of the things I have been doing is playing host to several exchange students from China. We as a company are participating for the first time this year, and getting them settled has been a large task. I have a total of 8 students arriving this past week and next. I had to stop and think about what would a person need to get settled in the US for the first time? Well, it is everything from accommodations, to bank accounts to maps. It takes a lot of effort. It also reaps wonderful rewards. So far 5 students have arrived. I have managed to get them settled into our hotel temporarily, and they will move nearby today. They needed tons of things to meet their basic needs of cooking etc. I have managed to show them the beach, boardwalk, an American yard sale, a nature preserve, and the general area.

Still tons to do this week. I have 3 more arriving this week, and the process repeats itself, along with a trip to Social Security on Thursday. It is amazing to see your own backyard through someone else's eyes, that have never been to America.

So that is where I have been....

I have received the first rolodex swaps. If you are in need of my address, please e-mail me at , and I will provide. There has been a lot of discussion about how many to make etc. If you can make 20, that is great. Then I will sort out all of the late folks, and get them swapped out by July 4 weekend.

I have not created anything in a week.. I think I will start out with a card kit to get back into it. Thank you for all of your support and lovely comments for my Wild Orchid Crafts submissions. I was not selected as part of their design team. A few of my good friends were though! Congratulations to Sarah! Way to go!

I will do a show today, just me arting around... not sure where it will lead.

Thanks for all of your patience and support!



  1. Hey my friend. Looks like you are having a very fun but exhausting time with these students. I certainly hope you take care of yourself through all of this also.

  2. Hi Laurel,
    Just watched your morning stream-Sure do miss you.
    I Loved hearing of the exchange student adventures. You tell the head honcharollas they have to hire some help so you can live a healthy schedule
    PS I got excited upon first glance of the card kit thinking you were selling one =)
    Take good care of you
    Much Love,

  3. Hi Laurel,

    You have been an extremely busy woman. I really enjoyed reading about your exchange students. I have hosted exchange students in the past and know hoe rewarding that can be.

    As to the rolodex swap, mine will be coming hopefully after the 15th. First there was my daughter's wedding, which was wonderful and now our college decided to play musical offices, so we all have been packing and unpacking at work and downsizing years of accumulation in our old offices. It's a mess *LOL*

    Anyway I will start my vacation this weekend and will be arting next week.

    Take care of yourself and hopefully you will get some time to rest as well.

    Light and Love
    Mandy aka WyldCat

  4. I heard about your students coming and wanted to wish you the best of luck! My husband was an immigrant to the States, so I can imagine how hectic times 8 your experience must be. It is wonderful to have someone that knows the ropes to show them around. I miss the Boardwalk, we are from Exit 11, Edison!

  5. Holy~moley~Bat~Woman....I wish I was in your shoes....what an amazing journey to say the least.
    I'm half way there with my Altered rolos. I want to post a vid on YouTube...hope ya'll like what I created...I had a blast.
    P&L, Dar

  6. Sounds like a wonderful thing to be doing. Did you ask that they bring you paper from China? LOL
    Did you get my cards? I think you said you did. Sorry I have been out of it. I was sick and now my back went. Oh well. What is the name of your hotel?
    Sounds like you are very busy.