Sunday, June 26, 2011

Appreciation and Friendship

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking a lot lately about friendship, appreciation, humility and a lot of similar topics.

I feel it is very important to appreciate your friends and acquaintances, always remember to be humble and grateful. There are so many wonderful artists in the community, that I have been fortunate to interact with, and some I have met in person. Recently I have been approached to be a mediator, or a shoulder to cry on, by several people. I always do my best to help friends build a bridge, or lend an ear.

As I am thinking about these people, situations and topics, the advice of my dear ole Dad creeps into my mind...

1. What does it cost you to say Thank you? Absolutely nothing, and you gain so much.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff. The older I get, the more I realize how true this is. It just ain't worth it.

3. When irritation comes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and smile. Take a moment and decide if it is worth your energy to get worked up over. Usually not worth it.

4. Everyone loves appreciation, and it is so easy to give, and the most often forgotten.

5. No one likes a know-it-all. There is one in every crowd... it is exhausting to be inundated with a singular opinion, that you may or may not agree with.

6. This is my hubby's best advice: No one ever got in trouble keeping his or her mouth shut. ( enough said, I think)

7. Be Grateful, and humble. Appreciate those around you, your family, friends, your position, everything....there are so many affected by real problems, and injustice.

8. Be Genuine! Most misunderstandings start because of miscommunication. Say what you mean, Mean what you say.

9. Don't forget where you come from. Everyone started somewhere, and had a village around them supporting their experiences and success or failure. Contrary to popular belief, you can go home again. I think it is more important to never leave home by staying grounded, as your life teaches you things through experiences.

10. Talk it out. There are multiple sides to every story. If you encounter mistreatment from a friend, don't clam up, talk it out. Clamming up harbors resentment, and frustration builds. Make sure it is positive conversation. If nothing positive can be gained from talking it over, than I wouldn't. Just let it go...but really let it go. It was probably petty in the first place.

I know we all know these things, but sometimes seeing it acts as a great reminder. Also to the easier said than done bunch.... it really isn't. It is easier to do than reassemble the pieces of friendship following an argument.

I am proud to say, that in my friendship of 24 years with my husband Keith, we have had one argument. It was a dozy. Lots of drama, so much so, we never had another one....and we don't plan on it. One aspect of our partnership is, we don't hold it in, and we don't yell or raise our voices. If either of us has an issue we refer to #10, and we pretty much abide by all of the other suggestions. We both are pretty laid back people, but let's face it, we are from NJ. Known for it's temper tantrums. I can't remember my last one. Healthy debate? Had one last week.

So that is my two cents. If I can ever be a help to any of you, please let me know. I appreciate each and every one of you so much. Thanks for watching my art journey, and reading.

Big Hugs,


  1. Laurel, such a thoughtful and insightful post. Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Laurel, very well said and thanks for your insight, Hugz....Kim (KimScrapper)

  3. You are so right and amazing to put this down in words. I enjoyed every bit of insight you shared. I value our friendship and do make a consciences effort to work at being a better friend to you. I hope I'm 'doing it right'.
    Peace and Much Love

  4. Best advice I have heard in a long time......especially the small stuff one.

    Judi Foster