Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blue Skies and grateful for literally everything

Hello Friends!

 It has been a long Summer, and a lot of turmoil in my life. I am happy to report perseverance pays off! If you follow my blog, than you already know of my family struggles. Glad to say, Dad's health is pretty good. He still requires monitoring and a lot of assistance, but the good days out weigh the bad ones lately. :)

 I don't know when I decided to pursue a potential rental home for the entire family, but I am sure glad I did. I have been researching the real estate listings for purchase or rental for about 3 years. As I still have some financial burden to clear up, and the the new pressures of my parents lease ending 12/31/15, I guess a light bulb went off. I was extremely fortunate to find a 5 bedroom, 4 bath home, with a first floor bedroom and full bathroom ( My Mom requires this), on the third day it was listed for rent. Keith and I got in to see it, and immediately knew this would suit everyone with very few changes. We wrangled the family and wound up getting my Mom in to see it, and she was as impressed. I filled out the application on the spot. About a week later, I got to meet the owner. He is a wonderful family oriented gentleman, who I feel really cares. This week I pay the deposits, and it will be available 11/1/15 for us to move in.

 I opted to rent for a few reasons. Primarily I may not need a house so large in five years. With careful planning, I should be able to clear my financial burdens, and be in a better position to purchase a smaller home, when the time comes. The other reason, is to attempt to purchase a home of this size now, may make it more difficult to sell in the future, and certainly cost more than I want to spend at present.

 So now the panic sets in, and all of the work. I have begun packing up my craft room, and I am so happy I will have one in the new place. I am taking all suggestions for packing up supplies and designing organized spaces! The new room is off the Master bedroom, sort of an office space that is 18 x 12.

 The new place has a fabulous basement as well, Keith is planning to put up his pool table and make a great men's den. We plan on converting the formal living room to my Mother's sewing room.

 There is a nice sized room with a full bathroom adjoined for Bob, and we plan on taking the other 2 bedrooms and making my father his own room, and a guest room/office in the other.

 Now it is time to pack up all of the things from our house, and get ready to shift it over. Such a task! I keep thinking positively, and I know that we can do it!

 Thank you to all who have given me support and friendship over this difficult time!

 I can see blue skies and I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now!


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