Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest Challenge......

Hello Friends!
How much do we love Pinterest?  I have recently jumped into the Pinterest pool with both feet. I find it to be an awesome , inspiring, and vast community. You can view so much, and learn so many things, and get lost for hours and hours...

I was watching a YouTube video tonight, by CanadianScrapperGirl, where she and a friend, are challenging each other to utilize thier stash to create cards and other items. It was mentioned that they use Pinterest as inspiration for the card layouts.  So, I got to thinking....

How many things do I pin in a day? A Lot. How often do I go back and implement a pin? Not too often. How great is the cool idea I saw if I don't try it out?  I wonder how many other people are in the vortex of pinning, and not implementing? Why is that? Because they spend all of their time on Pinterest!

I am laying down a challenge.... Implement 3 pins a month. It can be anything. A great recipe you are dying to try out, an upcycle project, making cards, mini books, scrapbook layouts, paint your nails,learn to draw, learn to paint, organize your house, your craft room, your blog, the list is endless. Just revisit your pins, and pick 3 pins you really want to try out, and as Nike says...Just Do It!

Caveat is, don't spend any money on craft related pins. The only thing you can buy is consumables. If you are a paper crafter, that's cardstock , tape, glue, if you are a beader that's wire and jump rings. Whatever your craft requires, as core items, that's what you can buy. Go shopping in your craft room! Try and utilize items you thought were cool, and never got around to. Use it or lose it. If you stumble on items you are going to use on your crafty pins, and you don't, give them to someone who will. We all know someone in our respective craft circles who is not as fortunate as we are. Just throw the items not used in a box and send a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) to that lucky recipient.  Give yourself a time limit...for example: I am taking the Pinterest challenge, and I have amassed 10 items from my craft room which I have not touched ever. If I don't use them within 3 months, I am sending them to someone who will use them.

Pretty good twist there at the end... I have created a YouTube video about my challenge idea...

And I have created a Facebook Group, where you can share your success stories, photos and links to the pins that inspired you. I hope you will join the group, and that you will take on the challenge.

In the video I mention that I am giving you the first pin, which is the 52 week savings challenge. I will be creating my piggy bank tomorrow 1/6/14 at 11am EST  on my Ustream channel : I hope you will join us!

Also, here is a link to the blog where I found the printables for the 52 week Money Saving Challenge:

Thanks for reading!


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