Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vintage Typewriter

Hello Friends,
 Looks like you are getting a twofer today..... I managed to complete the Vintage Typewriter, so I thought I would share my progress.

 I really love Kathy Orta's PaperPhenomenon's Tutorials. She puts a lot of detail and time into them, and makes it easy for us! My typewriter is almost complete. I just need some bobby pins for the striker keys, and I am all set. I foresee a trip to CVS in my future

 Hardest part for me was attaching the rounded piece at the front. I had to resort to Hot Glue, and it just got everywhere. But it's in there.

 I encourage you to check out Kathy's website. She has a kit club for new projects, a trinket shop, and a tutorials page. I was fortunate to pick up a few tutorials and trinkets on Black Friday, when it was all half price. I keep an eye on her YouTube and Ustream channels, because she is always creating something amazing.

 My typewriter keys, were in my stash. I had purchased them a few years ago on Etsy from the Pork Chop Show. They are all laser cut wood, and are still available here:

 I made a YouTube video about my typewriter:

I really had fun creating it. I will post some new pictures after I get the hair pins in it.

 Thanks for watching! Hope you got some creative time today!


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