Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Tube/Ustream Blog Hop Anyone?

Hi Everyone!

This past Sunday on my Ustream show, the topic turned to sharing within the community. I was thinking it might be nice to host a You Tube/Ustream Blog Hop to give those new to the circle, a great overview of people and crafts that many can participate with.

It is a little quick to get together a hop for Halloween, so how about Thanksgiving? Perfect holiday to showcase how grateful we are for our followers.

So here are the rules for participation......

1. You must have a blog.( Don't worry if it hasn't been updated in a while.)
2. You must have a YT channel or Ustream show or both or either.
3. Leave a comment on this blog post that you would like to participate with a way for me to reach you via e-mail. I need this to get you your position in the hop, and provide links etc.
4. Create a project in the theme...Thankful/Grateful etc. It can be anything, journal page, card, mixed media, whatever you like.
5. Have your project ready to go by 11/19/11, and create a blog post. If you have a YT channel you should film a video about the hop as well.
6. Blog hop will begin 11/20/11.
7. Any questions? e-mail me at : ldeviney@comcast.net

Make it fun! Sign up here!



  1. oh for sure I'll join in on this :)

  2. meeeeeeee!!!!! but I dunt wanna go first! too scary going first!

  3. i can do a blog post,,,but do i have to do YT or a stream as well or can i just do a post,,if so im in :) xx

  4. Count me in! taralavallee@mts.net

  5. Thankyou for welcoming me at the weekend!

  6. Laurel, I would love to participate! I have a blog and a YT channel. I will email you with my contact information. Thanks! mplsbetty.blogspot

  7. Laurel I would love to participate!! Thank you for hosting!
    leslierahye (at) nctv (dot) com
    leslierahye (dot) blogspot (dot) com
    leslierahye-s-crafty-gig is my ustream
    tutorials-by-leslierahye is my tutorial stream


  8. Hi Laurel!

    I am in as well!

    I have all three a blog: morgansfancies.blogspot.com

    A YT: morignagaia

    and a Ustream: Morgan's Fancies

  9. whoops forgot to post my email


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  11. I wanna hop with you all! Put me in coach! I'm thankful for many things, but especially for having met you. This is gonna be FUN!
    Peace and Love

  12. I would love to participate... please count on me! Hop.. Hop... :)