Monday, October 10, 2011

Reflections of Scotia

So dear friends, another year has past making it three years since I had to say good-bye to Scotia. It sounds strange to be mourning a pet for so long, but if you bear in mind, I have no children, and I was lucky to own Scotia for 16 years, maybe you can understand.

She was the best cat you could ever want. Never any trouble, loved me through and through, although she was pressed to show it. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, and I doubt one ever will. She was truly my best friend. The one who got all my secrets, the one who loved me, even when I did'nt deserve it, the one who made me laugh the hardest, and the one who was with me through so many changes in my life. To this day, and forever I am grateful, that I was so blessed to have her for so many years. Yet, as I write this, the tears are rolling down my face, as I am filled with unending guilt, that I had to make the decision to let her go. The cancer was starting to effect her, and it would have been a selfish decision to prolong her life, for only my gain. That scene from Forrest Gump, when Forrest is at Jenny's grave, and croaks out" I miss you Jenny..." is how I feel today. In her honor, as she loved playing on our porch while we decorated for Halloween, I never decorate before October 10. I can imagine her watching me from her perch on the porch, and have some happy memories.
She was so funny. She loved everything made of Pork, could eat her weight twice a day, and had a low tolerance for dogs. She once shoveled out a pork tenderloin like a canoe. She despised an old boyfriend, who did not treat me very well, and made his life miserable by urinating on his clothes, often.
Occasionaly, she would escape, try and live amoungst the wildlife for a day, and then trot on home, to be greeted by an overflowing bowl, and a worried Mom. She adored Keith,and she let me know he was a good guy, by never messing with his clothes, and giving him tons of purrs.
What can I say? I miss my girl. I guess I always will.
To tell you how funny animals are, many of you know that we now have a tuxedo cat named Geddy. Geddy is a good boy, and he truly saved me from a broken heart after we lost Scotia, but he is very different than her.

For example, Geddy does not give me the time of day, unless his bowl is empty, or Keith is unavailable. Geddy worships Keith , literally. I truly believe animals have a sixth sense to detect pain in their owners, as last night, as I was retiring to sleep, a black and white furry boy came crawling in my bed. For the first time ever, he purred, and cooed, and laid at my feet, laid beside me and batted at my face. It was if he was trying to wipe my tears away. I swear he knew I was sad. Also when I begrudgingly woke up, hesitant to face today as it is the anniversary of my great loss, there he was waiting in the hallway to go brush our teeth. I swear , he knew. And now, as I write this, Geddy is at my feet.

Scotia, you are sorrowfully missed, and not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and heart. Rest easy and know that your little soldier in the black and white tuxedo is doing his best to ease my pain. I think he has a life long quest ahead. I miss you so much.

As I said last year, do me a favor and Hug your furry kids today. They really are so selfless, and deserve some extra attention.

Big Hugs,


  1. Laurel - Sending hugs your way! To have known and loved a pet is truly a gift in life. I am 34 years old and still remember my childhood cat. She arrived shortly before the Halloween when I was in kindergarten - A half siamese/ half manx with a little stubby tail. She was black with four white paws. I still remember the long drive back from the vet after having put her to "rest" my senior year in college. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Blessings and big hugs dear friend. I mourn with you for the loss of our furbabies. I do believe Geddy knows what you are feeling and I'm so happy he was there to help comfort you. Scotia was blessed to have you as his mommy...he could not have had a better one.
    Peace and Much Love

  3. Aww, what a sweet story about your loving pet. Pet lovers understand exactly what you are going through, 3 months, 3 years, 10 years....we will miss them forever. As you know, I just lost my pet not long ago and have to share a story. I visited a friend the other day who has a not so nice dog sometimes, doesn't like people much, hated my Sasha and most times not friendly...cute as a button tho. I really wanted to squeeze him but I left him alone because I know what he is like. I was sitting and the dog started scratching my leg. My friend was in shock, she said that meant he wanted me to scoot over so he could jump up, I did and up he jumped laid beside me, put his head on my lap. His owner was amazed, I was was like he knew that is exactly what I needed....they really do know! They will always hold special places in our hearts,Hugz Kim (Kimscrapper on YT)

  4. It's not wrong to mourn your Scotia for so long. Always keep those memories of your beloved girl. They only become softer and sweeter and more loving as time goes by! Thanks for sharing, my friend!