Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We interrupt this series for the flu....

Hi Everyone!

 Sorry to inform you that I have taken ill with the flu....again.

 This round seems to be really bad, I have not made it out of bed since Sunday afternoon at 4pm. I managed to go to work on Monday , and made it until about 12:30PM. Came home had a nap until my doctor's appointment at 3:30pm, where I received a Z-pack of antibiotics, and some cough medicine, that really makes me sleep.

 I have been in bed, since 5pm on Monday. I hope to be up and about by Thursday, but you never know how these things will sort out. I have no voice, and really feel as though a truck has run me over, backed up and hit me again.

 I so enjoy this series, but it does take some prep, and I am in no shape to record videos.

 I will see you all later in the week, God willing.

Be well my friends.


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