Saturday, February 2, 2013

Featured Artists in February... Day 2

Hey there Everyone!

 Hope you enjoyed Day 1, I really liked sharing Felicia's great spirit and talent.

 So, to keep it interesting, Some of my Artist's that I feature will be the old tribute style, as in they do not even know.

I would like to tell you about a gal I found on YouTube under the Channel......MySister'sScrapper...Her name is Ginger.
 I found myself glued to her most recent video how to series, for the Vertical Paper Bag mini album. I made one from start to finish tonight, and I was really impressed that she took the time to make 6 video's all of about 15 plus minutes long.

She is a very patient and excellent teacher, so if you are interested in Mini albums with lots of interaction, check out her channel! Ginger is also a designer for Cardz TV with Mary, and makes some great cards. I love her clean style and how she incorporates a lot of elements, such as die cuts and stamps and fancy backgrounds.

 Ginger's blog says she has been scrapbooking for a long time and enjoys making pages of her grandchildren. Her latest obsession is her mini books, and I have to agree, they sure are fun.

 You can find Ginger: You Tube: MySistersScrapper
 I find her creations to be really great! Please be sure to check her out!
 Here is a video of the mini album I made using Ginger's video series:

See you tomorrow!



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