Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

 Long time no see! I know, I know!!! It is just awful how out of touch I have been. A thousand apologies, and few excuses. Although I have a few really good ones.... Like... Hurricane Sandy, for one.

 Yes it lined up right for us, took out a bunch of trees, and our power for a week. We are all fine, many in our community or nearby are not. If you want to help Red Cross is the way to go.

 I digress. Anyway, I wanted to turn the page into the new year and make a few resolutions. I for one am really happy that 2012 is behind me. I did not accomplish what I had hoped, and have found myself in a bad place spiritually, and mentally and perhaps a little physically. I worked too hard, took on too much, and have found myself very unhappy.

 resolution #1- Get Happy. No matter what it takes. Find some fun, some smiles, and relieve myself of all people and things that apply pressure of any kind to my life.

 resolution #2- Tell people what I think instead of bottling it up and suffering the consequences. I really stuffed down my feelings last year.

 resolution #3- Get Healthy. Lose a few pounds, become more active, take care of my back, and keep the shingles at bay. Eat better, and generally try and feel better, through better sleep and positivity.

 resolution #4- Find my patience. I used to be very patient with people and things. Not lately! I need to find that centered person I used to be.

 resolution #5- Do not bite off more than I can chew. I am a chronic over planner, over participater, over scheduler. I have to knock it off. I need the rest. I also do not need the stress.

 resolution #6- Clean my craft room- once and for all, already! Yeesh! I hate the mess, I hate being unorganized, I hate the whole thing. Yet I am so lazy to deal with it I can't stand myself.

 resolution #7- Have fun while creating- Remember when I used to have fun making things? and I made videos and everything? Somewhere along the way, it stopped being fun, so I stopped doing it. I need to enjoy it again. I really liked all the fun of making things.

resolution #8- Keep up this blog- I used to enjoy writing this blog, but life intervened, and there you go. I need to make some challenges this year to keep it going.

 resolution #9- Live each day to it's fullest- I have developed a bit of a lazy bone recently coming through my back pain, and the shingles. I have not felt good enough to get up and go and do much, so I don't. I need to push myself to live every minute.

 resolution #10- Cherish the people in my life- I need to show my family and close friends how important they are to me.

 So, it's a start! I have so many things to accomplish this year, and I can guess I will add to the list.

Have you made any resolutions?



  1. I really hope you get to achieve some or all of your resolutions Laurel, it has been a tough time and I hope you can find a good balance to be able to find some you time. Much love, Julia.x

  2. My Resolutions for 2013
    Improve physical well-being, get rid of old bad habits
    Improve mental well-being, think positive, laugh more often, enjoy life.
    Improve finances, buy what I need, not what I want.
    Improve education, learn something new.
    Improve self, manage time.
    Make new friends.
    Pray more, be closer to God, be more spiritual.

    Make my goals public and get support from my friends.