Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spare Change Drive for Artedar...

Hello Crafty Friends,

 This post is not about the latest thing I made, or about a new product, or company, or a funny hotel story. I am afraid this post is far more important than anything I could ever make, it is about a dear friend to many of us, who is going through a really rough time.

 I am very proud that I have a dear friend, named Darlene Mariano, who you may know by the name of Artedar. I am fortunate that someone so talented, and caring and loving not only lives 30 minutes from me, but that she chose me to be her good friend.

 Darlene is exactly how she appears on YouTube or Ustream, funny, talented, generous, and caring. She has inspired so many of us to try new things in art, and in life, that now it is our turn to help support her.

 About 3 weeks ago, Dar's beloved husband, Deogracias (Dickie) , fell ill with some bowel complications, which resulted in two surgeries. As he was recovering from the surgeries, he underwent a lot of swelling and stress, and had a heart attack. The hospital where he was, was not suitable for his care, and he has since been transferred to a local trauma center. His recovery has been up and down since, and in the last few days, his kidneys have become problematic as well.

 Our Darlene is by his side each day as he fights for his life. I am sure you can image the stress this brings, and many of us have been left feeling that we want to do something, just unsure of what we can do. We have all been praying, and being positive through facebook messages, and phone calls.Darlene would love it if you can keep up the positive energy, as miracles do happen....a sad fact is support for the family is expensive, and Darlene travels an hour 1/2 one way to the hospital, and has been unable to get much rest.

 A group of us thought that donating some pocket change to Darlene to try and ease the expense of the travel, and meals might help.

 Give what you can, and I will be certain she receives every dime. Include a message with your donation and I will pass that along as well. I also am collecting handmade cards for Darlene and Dickie, so if you would like to create a card, you may mail it to me to forward to her at the address below.

 Every prayer, card or penny you can give means so much.

 My Address for the card drive:
 Laurel DeViney
 307 Kirklin Ave
 Linwood, NJ 08221

 Darlene's Facebook profile to leave a message:

Donate by selecting the button beow:
Thank you for your care and concerns.


  1. on behalf of the Butterfly Girls, Thank You <3

  2. Laurel darlin' your own words, since mine are so hard to choose, "My cup run~ith over". Without sounding cliche and unoriginal the best way to describe how you made me feel is the heavy heart of fear and sadness has been lifted, is lighter, filled with more peace and love then it can possibly hold with these, what does one do with such an abundance? We give thanks and when the right opportunity and time arises we "pay it forward" and hope we can lighten the load of our fellow sisters in need.
    I thank each and every person who has answered the call to help with their prayers, cards, gifts, "spare change" (my ol' lady bag can't hold it astronomical amount of $ that will be used wisely)so very very much.
    PEACE and LOVE ALWAYS, Darlene and Dickie