Saturday, August 4, 2012


So my Summer resolution to keep up my blog and do more art is not going so well. I feel as though I owe some of you an explanation, so here it is.... I really have no excuse, other than I am overwhelmed.

 It is season here at the Jersey Shore, and my work keeps me very busy from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So busy in fact, I just can't think once I get home. It has been the hottest Summer on record, that I recall, and the weather is absolutely nuts. Horrible storms with terrible damage, and cranky customers who take things to such levels, I am stunned.

 Many of you know, Keith is out of work, and a bit down about it. I think the stress of that is just getting to me, factor in 2 aging parents with health problems, the shoppe at Teaberry, not enough sleep, or inspiration, and you get the picture.

 Something had to give, unfortunately my life dictated it was my art this time. All of the above, does not leave me much inspiration either. But I am trying to hang on to the one thing that makes me happy, which is making little things from time to time.

 I also appreciate and miss all of you, but found it best to take a break, and try and find the silver lining. Although it has been a bit allusive lately, I am trying to find my way back, one card at a time.

 I hope you all are having a happy creative summer, and I hope to join you once again very soon. Thanks for reading, and your friendship and support.


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  1. hope you survive the summer. know that we will be waiting when you have time for us. take care.