Friday, May 6, 2011

Rolodex Swap Sign Ups, groups...Revised!

Hi Everyone!

Busy week for me! I had work, my birthday, Mother's Day to prepare for, there are never enough hours in the day...

Anyway.... I have scoured my e-mail, looked through the comments, and I have come up with the following folks who would like to participate in our little rolodex swap... ( I say little, as a joke..this has gotten a bit large)

The swappers are in no particular order:

1. Laurel (me:)
2. Julia
3. Darlene-Artedar
4. Michele-AnMiSu
5. Linda-Lindalap
6. Diane
7. Sheri
8. Beth
9. Kerri
13. Carol Blais
14. Sarah
15. Mandy
16. Sandi
17. Martha-Seekingforart

Okay..whew! This is a lot of people! I do not know how to do this in groups, as everyone wants a card from each other, so my apologies but it is a lot to do.
I appreciate everyone's interest, and would like to go over the details once again.

Please make 16 Rolodex cards to send to me. If you want one for yourself, make 17 and keep one.
Shape: Telephone and Address Card Sizzix Die - I have this die if you need die-cuts, please send me an e-mail.
Theme: All about you- Interpret how you wish
Info: On one side please include your information. This should include: Your real name, mailing address, facebook, twitter, blog, Youtube channel, Ustream name, Channel
At least one embellishment on each page. No they all do not have to match, just please send work you would like to receive.
Back the cards in medium weight chipboard if possible please.
Hostess gifts are not necessary, but are always appreciated.

If your name does not appear on the list above- I have missed your comment or e-mail. Please e-mail me using Rolodex swap as the subject by May 8th! and I will add you. So girls final counts will be announced on Sunday 5/8/11, not to exceed 20, I know this is a lot.- ***SWAP is now closed- Thanks- 5/10/11-ldv

They need to be in my hands by June 30th! International girls please allow enough time for my receipt. Self Addressed Envelopes included in your submission are appreciated. International Girls- I must have a valid e-mail address connected to a paypal account submitted with your parcels. I will invoice you return postage once the swap is mailed back out.
Girls in the USA- please include the same amount of postage as it took to get to me inside your envelope. No metered strips please. I will return any unused stamps, so please throw in a few extra.

If you have my mailing address great! If not please e-mail me as detailed above and I will get it to you.

This is going to be fun, have a blast, get creative, and if you run into problems with participation- email me ASAP, as I know life happens.

Thanks so much!



  1. WOW! This is a big group and I love it! TY Laurel for putting this together for us....I'll be busy now! :)

  2. Hi Laurel, is it too late to sign up for this swap?

  3. Hi Laurel I have my rolodex cards ready to go and I am posting a video. Please send me your address so I can get them off of my desk and on yours. LOL I hope you like what I am sending.
    Thanks so much for doing this.

  4. Hi I did not here from you did you add me? Debra