Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fellow Crafter needs our support....

Hi Everyone,

I am hopeful that I can appeal to your sense of charity and support of a fellow scrappy sister who is need of our help.

Annette, who is charmfuldelights , over on YouTube, has come upon hard times in this down economy, with the addition that her husband, who is the family's bread winner has been laid off. She is up against it financially, as many of us have been, and facing an unexpected tax bill.

She is selling a lot of her craft supplies, a camera, books, basically everything she has in her craft room, in order to meet the needs she has financially. Please go over to her YouTube channel, and leave her some encouragement, and if you are interested, send her a message for things available for purchase.

Annette, currently is where many of have been in the past, at the end of her rope, and cannot take yet another thing to make life temporarily hard. I can sympathize, for sure.

I saw that Toni, thetoad78, made a video that asked the community for help, and I offerred my assistance as well. Toni says, if we could donate just a little money collectively, a spare dollar or a pound, certainly it would not be missed, and we could do so much to help someone in true need. I agree. If we can raise just a little bit of funds, to help give Annette piece of mind, then this effort will be a success.

So, I am offerring my blog, and a donate button, and an appeal to you my readers, that I hope you can find it in your heart to find a few spare dollars and press Donate so we can help Annette out.

I will pass on the donations to Annette via Paypal on May 31, 2011.

I truly hope you can find it in your heart to donate some spare change.



  1. You are awesome. I reached out to Annette privately.

  2. Donated $5 hope it comes through in dollars rather than pounds, figure I can do without my coffee shop treat this week for a good cause!

  3. This is very wonderful of you to do this. I can life without my coffee shop fix for a week to. Hope it helps. Please tell her that this will pass. We are here.

  4. Laurel, I sent something on your link. Can you help her open a shop on etsy or zibbit or do a blog like yours? I think she has a ton of talent and could really sell her handmade creations if she had a better way to market them. I am YT challenged and I hope she will see my email on there but I don't know how else to get in touch with her. Thanks for all you are doing for Annette!