Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rolodex card swap details, and sign ups

Hi everyone!

Last week on my Ustream show, discussion was had about goals, and RAKS and such. As their seems to be some new folks in our group, who have yet to share their addresses, so the idea was hatched to do this swap.

Here are the details of the swap, please do not sign up unless you plan to fulfill your spots, submission deadlines etc. This is to bring everyone closer together, not alienate them by a silly flaker...

I will take sign ups here on my blog only... until May 4, 2011. Please leave a comment on this post to include you. I will also need you to send me an e-mail with your contact info as follows: Name, YT name, address, blog info, twitter name etc.
Please e-mail this to: ldeviney@comcast.net

Once I have all sign ups, I will form the groups, and you may sign up for more than one spot if you choose. Best to see what we need first.

International swappers are welcome, please be mindful of due dates, and added postage costs.

* Shape~ Telephone & Address Card (Sizzix Die)
* Theme- All about you- interpret how you wish
* Please be sure include your information. ( You Tube Channel, Blog, Facebook,address etc) on one side of the card. If you do not want others to know your address, please do not sign up.
* At least one embellishment on each page (flower, stick pin, charm, etc.)
* Use medium weight chipboard for mounting.
* I will leave it up to you to create your own letter tabs, this way you will have them all look the same. Also, this will also give you the chance to place the cards in any order you'd like.
* I would love for you to go all out on your page. Use whatever techniques you like, and whatever supplies are your favorites.

* PLEASE be fair to everyone participating. If you're unable to continue the swap, please notify me asap. I would like everyone to have a complete Rolodex.

These need to be in my hands no later than June 15th. This will give you plenty of time to create all cards. I will ship out once I receive all the cards.
Place your pages in a plastic zipper type bag to prevent possible water damage and to protect the pages. Include a SASE with the same amount of postage as it took to mail to me, plus and extra two stamps. If additional stamps aren't needed, I will send them back. PLEASE NO metered strips!!!
Thank you all for participating. Have fun!

If you don't already have my address, email me once you're ready to mail out and I will email you my address.

Let the sign ups begin! If you have questions, please e-mail me!

Here are a few examples I found on the internet:

here, and here.



  1. I would like to be included for this swap, I have sent you an email also, thanks, Julia.

  2. OoooOOOO!11 Put me in...I love to make and receive altered rolos. I keep a collection in a cigar box (no lid)with long knitting needles to hold 'em in place. WE need more advertising 4 peep interest Laurel so I an get a 'bunch' of rolos each!

  3. Laurel, I'm interested in this swap as well. I'll send you an email.

  4. Oh boy this sounds like fun. I am interested! I will email you.

  5. I would also like to join!

  6. I'd like to join! Sending you an e-mail soon

  7. I am interested in joining this swap, Laurel. Thanks for helping get us all together!

  8. me me me ;) I think you know my info LOL

  9. I'd like to join! I'll send my info! Lisa

  10. I would like to join

    Gotpaintinmyhair - Clare

  11. I would like to join the swap!

  12. I'd love to take part in your swap Laurel :-) will send you an email straight away x

  13. I would love to be in the swap and will send you an email right after I get done posting this. Thank you for doing this :)

  14. okay - thought i sent a comment but not sure if it went through. i sent an email about joining the swap. please let me know if i didn't make the deadline.

  15. If anyone drops out, I would love to join. I know the deadline has passed, but I am just now seeing this. iceteeeeee@aol.com