Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scotia, I miss you....

I was wondering why I was in a sad mood today, and then it occurred to me that today was the day two years ago I said goodbye to my best friend.

Scotia was my cat, and she was extra special. I think she was a little person caught in a cat's body, sent to look after me, and help me learn about love.

And love she gave. in her own very special way, on her terms. As most cats do, she was fickle. But she loved everything, and everyone. I miss her so very much. I pray that she knows that my having to say good bye was an act of love on her behalf. As I never wanted her to suffer for a minute, as all she ever brought me was joy.

This year, as this day was looming on the calendar, I was fortunate to meet Dayle, who had also lost her dear sweet dog Bebe. I was struck by how selflessly Dayle thought to ease her pain by creating a card drive in Bebe's honor to create hand crafted cards to be distributed via vet's offices, to those that had lost a pet. I made 50 cards for the drive, and intend on doing 50 more. I can say that participating in the drive, helped a little, but today, nothing seems to help. My heart is just broken.

I have postings on this blog regarding the card drive which is ongoing. If you so desire, make a few cards, and follow in Dayle's footsteps to bring a little peace to someone who needs it.

I have provided the links to my blog post from the day I let Scotia go below, as the feelings are still the same.

Scotia, I miss you so much. I was so lucky to have you in my life for so many years. I think of you everyday.You will always be in my heart.

Hug your furry kids today.


  1. The Baileydog and I send our love and hugs and puppy kisses to you Laurel. I know today is a hard day to remember but it's nice to remember the love you got to share. That's something that never ends, it's shared from owner to pet and person to person, city to city and country to country. All our love <3

  2. Sending you a "special hug".........

  3. My blessings to you and your loved lil' furbaby. I understand completely...I'm a furbaby momma myself.
    I watched your ustream today and was very inspired. I pulled out my Christmas papers and will be working on a project as gifts for family.

    I hope you reach that monumental magic number of blog followers real soon.....just add me as a like minded artist with lots to learn and share.
    PEACE OUT and ART ON, Dar from New Jersey...CAPE MAY