Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Card Drive for Bebe and Reflection

Hello Everyone!

Today I was reviewing some of my YouTube subscriptions, and came across one of my favorite crafters named Bona, whose channel name is LiveLoveScrap. She was asking for donations for a card drive. When I read he details of what type of card drive, I was overcome with emotion.

Dale, a young woman who lives in Hawaii, had a lovely dog named Bebe. Bebe was struck by a car on September 8th, and did not survive. AS Dale was dealing with her grief, the vet she had taken Bebe to, presented her with a special handmade card, which contained a lock of Bebe's hair and had her paw prints stamped on the inside.

Something so simple provided so much comfort at a devastating time. Dale being a stamper and crafter herself, has a goal. She wants to donate 1646 cards, similar in style to the one she received to vets offices near to her home. One for each day Bebe was a part of her life.

Please read more about Dale and Bebe on Dale's blog:


and make a few cards in the style she asks for to help her reach her goal.

As many of you know, I had to let my beautiful Scotia go nearly two years ago. As I was reading Dale's story, and her goal, I was overcome with emotion. I know how much I hurt to this day about saying goodbye to Scotia. Often it brings me to tears. That Dale has come up with such a selfless, honorable way to honor her beloved Bebe, really resonated with me. I think her idea is wonderful, to turn such a tragic event into something good for others to help them find comfort in a time of need.

My goal is to make as many cards as I can, to help Dale achieve her goal, and to pay a little love forward from my beautiful Scotia who I miss so very much.

Dale, although we have never met, I just want to let you know what a true inspiration you are. I know your grief is deep, as these beautiful creatures take over a very special place in our hearts. The special place that is reserved for those you keep with you forever, even after they have to leave us. Bebe knows how much you love her, and that you always will. I am sending lots of hugs and support with my cards to you.

If you can make a card, please do, and send it to Dale in Hawaii. If you can donate supplies, please do. Please consult the blog link above for specifications. Dale is giving away some nice goodies for your support on World Cardmaking Day on Oct 2nd as well, because she is just such a good person. Pay it forward and make a card or two, won't you? The information below was on YouTube on Dale's channel- creativelychloe:

Please mail your cards to:
"I heart Bebe" Card Drive
P.O. Box 971283
Waipahu, HI 96797

For more information, please check out my blog at creativelychloe.blogspot.com

Please help me donate 1646 cards in honor of my dog, my Bebe.

The prize basket drawing will be held on October 2, 2010, World Card Making Day.

Here's hoping for a beautiful heaven with a rainbow bridge for Bebe and Scotia. waiting to see us one day.

Thanks so much for following.

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  1. What a nice idea Laurel. I'll be sending some cards and see what supplies I can donate too.

  2. Great class tonight Laurel. If you want, see what I did to the coffee filter roses on my blog.