Monday, September 1, 2008

Here goes!

Well, what can I say? After being on the road for work for the past year, and constantly being inspired by all of the blogs and video blogs I have read and watched, I have decided to join the community. It is one heck of a community, lots of very creative folks sharing their talents. Thank you all for making my nights confined to a hotel room somewhere in the US more enjoyable. Wait, that sounded a little strange...allow me to explain. For the past 14 or so years, I have been employed by a Hospitality Company. My primary role has been to work as a transition specialist of sorts- either introducing a newly acquired hotel management contract to our company, or in some cases aiding in the exit of a hotel once a contract is terminated. What this means is, I rehabilitate hotels, I train people.( Thanks dog whisperer!). My travels have taken me for extended stays- months at a time- to NY, Florida, California, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, and many other places.
How do I do this and have a life? Good question.
First, I am blessed to have the absolutely most patient fiance and family in the world. Truly, without their tolerance for my absence, I never would have been able to do this type of work.
Second, I really enjoy developing people into leaders, and seeing their progress, and success. I am fortunate to have met a lot of very talented hoteliers, and smart people along the way, and I personally have had the best group of mentors ever assembled.

Third, I travel well. I seem to have a talent for making time pass, by working too much, and developing my interests in places, paper crafting and photography.

Once again, Thank You to all the bloggers video and otherwise, who have helped me keep my creative sanity while on the road in a town near you.

Did I mention that my road warrior days are coming to an end?
Yup, hard to believe, but my wonderful company has given me a fantastic opportunity to learn how to be an accountant, and work from home! I am in Denver currently completing my training for this new position, and although I am full of nerves, I am really trying to learn everything I can. It is an opportunity for growth. How could it be any sweeter? I get to work from home, have weekends off, and benefits! I feel very lucky. Failure is not an option!

Now that I have time to create, hence this blog. A small effort to dip my toe in the cyber world of the web-log. Seems as though I really like learning new things, accounting included. But, will anyone read this? We shall see.....

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