Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Denver- 2 days to go...

So, you want to be an accountant...? This was the question I asked myself all day today and yesterday, as I stumbled through learning the many components of my new position. The answer is, I am still unconvinced. I did however close 5 properties in a day, not too bad for the new kid. I sure could deal with property level stuff a heck of a lot easier though.

I literally have been waist high in paper since Tuesday, and it can be a bit overwhelming. One day at a time I guess.

I did look forward to MACM (Make a Card Monday) over on
Kristina is so very talented, and this weeks card was adorable. She makes awesome videos, which I aspire to attempt one day...check her out, it makes Mondays more palatable.
She can also be found on just search starofmay as the channel.

I have been yearning for my paper, and tools and tape! I did manage to make several cards out here, using the House Mouse stamps and Gruffies stamps I found at Hobby Lobby. Only one box of stuff shipping home...(They were on sale 50% off!) I couldn't leave them there!

Hobby Lobby and Archiver's puts our East Coast stores to shame. That Archiver's is good for the soul, but I am afraid I would go broke, so I only made one trip, and stayed at the discounter's- Hobby Lobby.

Trying to stick to the free stuff- instruction and ideas from Ebay &
Looking forward to getting home on Saturday. Planning a trip to Ikea on the way home from Phila to check out shelving for my new scrap room, and have to rework the office in time for Monday. Never enough hours in the day....

Homework awaits...and dinner.

Happy Scrapping!

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