Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update 7/1/12

Hello Friends!

Wondering where I have been?  Well, it is our busy season for me at work right now, and I have been there far more than I would like.  Add in blistering heat in a non air-conditioned home, a major storm that took out power for days and days, and you get the picture.

We are all fine and well, just muddling through as it were.

I have not "made" anything in about a month. Just very uninspired at the moment. A break from it all seemed in order. I have found when I place stress on myself to do a Ustream show, or create anything, I become frustrated in the process. And it is still something I do for enjoyment, so I do not want to rob myself of that.

I have received a lot of questions regarding the next round of the box swap, and the Ranger Retreat this year.  I would like to continue the box swap, but my work is taking over at the moment, so nothing until August.  As far as plans for the Ranger Retreat in October, I am working on them. Please watch the blog for details.

I hope everyone is well, and I do miss you all. Hope to see you all soon.



  1. Laurel I hope you get the needed rest! And we can amuse ourselves until you are ready to stream again!! HUGS!! Susan Ribbons

  2. Laurel we understand and know how busy you must be. I was worried about you knowing about the storm and glad you are well - We wait in anticipation for your inspiration to return and of course understand that doing it just because it is scheduled doesn't always work in the crat world. So WHen you are inspired let us know tweet and we will come. Hugs and please do try to get SOME time for yourself to recharge.


  3. ((Hugs)) Laurel, take care and don't worry about us we will be here when you are ready and have the time. xx

  4. I understand you've been busy. And we all have moments where are so uninspired to make anything. I know I've been there. If you need any help with round 3 of the SS box swap, the Secretary is willing to help! :)

  5. Take all the time you need my dear..

    Sometimes we need a break from it all..

    Good vibes coming your way..


  6. I'm here for you babe, anything ya need let me know. When you get a break from the "shoe~bees" and feel like "playing" together I'll bring my muse and jump start you through osmosis. You might even want to make another "pocket~book". Also, Aug, is the T!M H. workshop we are taking and I know we are gonna have a blast.
    P&L OX
    PS: TY for the call, I had no idea there was such devastation and damage fr. hurricane in you area...TG you are safe, but sorry for all the inconvenience you have to go through.