Friday, March 30, 2012

Our little "store"....

Hello Friends!

Many of you are aware that Keith and I have undertaken a new venture. We leased a little space in the Marketplace at Teaberry, and have spent today, laying carpet, and cleaning tables and hanging shelves. We do not have much space, about 48 square feet, and we do not have much stock, but Rome was'nt built in a day either...

Here are a few links: FB:


It has been a real adventure, and so much fun getting our little nook together, and we have tons more to do, like name it! I am really enjoying making things for it, and hitting all the yard sales for rusty gold. The best part, is getting to do it with Keith. We have long wanted a shop, or at one time a restaurant, of our very own, and now we have it. Just have to get stocked up!

Here is a before picture:

and here is an after picture:

It is really fun and exciting....
Stay tuned for updates!!



  1. Good luck on the new venture... best wishes and here's to a bumper sale season for you...

    Jhayboy... (prettythingz - Stickam)

  2. Yea, this is good news to be sure. Much luck in sales & Love in Friendship as y'all work together.

  3. That's fabulous, Laurel! Can't wait for more updates.