Friday, March 25, 2011

1000 Subscribers....

Hi Everyone,

Late last year, I had a goal of achieving 500 subscribers on YouTube, and with all of your wonderful support, I achieved my goal in no time. Soon after I set a goal to reach 1000, and really thought it would take another year to achieve. I am so overwhelmed and humbled that a mere 3 months later, I have crossed the 1000 subbie mark!

I am so thrilled to share my love of papercrafts with all of you. A lot has changed in the past 6 months for me. I began my Sunday Ustream Show, I have met so many new friends, and got to travel with some of them. I completed the Marion Smith 31 day challenge- (yeah me!), I became a design team member for Lindy Stamp Gang,(another goal of mine), and I basically have come out of my creative shell, and not been so quiet... I sent my artwork to many wonderful designers, including my favorite Tim Holtz, and have received so many warm wishes, via e-mail, and was a wave of love coming back to me that I never expected. I have really grown artistically.I have all of you to thank. A year ago, I would have been too shy to even try out for a design team, and this year I attempted three!

I currently have a 1000 subscriber giveaway going on at my YouTube channel. I have tried to pack the giveaway with many of my favorite items, and hard to find items, and some personal art, such as my rendition of Kathy Orta's Lost and Found Paper Bag mini. I have achieved my goal of 1000 subbies, (OMG! in one day, of the video going up! Unbelieveable!)and since I am going out of town until 3/31/11 for work, I thought I would sweeten the pot a little.

If I achieve 1500 subbies by the time I return home and close the video, I will award a second and third place place prize. It will be something handmade put together with some items from my stash. I have not sorted out everything I am thinking just yet, but I promise it will be some great items.

I have attached the subbie giveaway video below. To be entered, you must leave a comment on the original video on YouTube, and be a subscriber on YouTube. I would love it if you followed my blog as well.

Thank you all so very much for your support of my creative journey!

Big Hugs,


  1. Wow what a giveaway. I am a new follower and a new subscriber on youtube. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Melissa D

  2. I love your site and you are so generous, I am new to scraping and love your inspiration!

  3. Awesome! Im going to repost on my facebook Im sure a few will come running LOL