Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our new friend!

Hi Everyone! Meet our new furry friend....He finally came out of hiding, and has happily joined us, ahem me in everything I do. We still have'nt settled on a name, but his name from the shelter was Smithers.

He is very loving, follows me everywhere, plays in his water bowl so much we are considering "Puddles" as a name...he is really a wonderful addition to our family.

So far the name list is:








I really can't I thought I would offer up a little blog candy to help us name our little friend. In order to participate, leave a comment by Christmas day, with your suggestion of a name. (He is a boy, so we really don't want anything too girly) I will select a name from the suggestions, and send the winner a Christmas gift bag of products! (It's a Christmas gift, so I'm not saying what!) Also, if you would forward my blog to your friends, I am trying to build a following for the New Year, where I will post tutorial videos, my class calender etc.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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  1. I think Geddy may be a good name for him. Or perhaps Scampper I know you have scamp on the message board but it's an idea. Merry Christmas!!!! Trevi